“You are behaving like a sore loser”, says Tejasswi Prakash after Jay Bhanushali gives up the captaincy task, Nishant Bhatt becomes the second captain of the season

Tejasswi Prakash

Tejasswi Prakash gets angry at Jay Bhanushali after he gives up too early in the Captaincy task: Every episodes comes with a new task. Since the week just started, new captain had to be made. A captaincy task was given to the contestants from the main house. Seven of them had to mutually decide three names who would compete in the task. They chose Pratik, Nishant and Jay to perform in the captaincy task and Tejasswi Prakash was the Sanchalak. No task can happen without arguments and fights in the Bigg Boss house and after various fights earlier, again Pratik and Jay had a war of words in the task.

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Tejasswi Prakash calls Jay Bhanushali a “Sore loser”

In the rule book, it was clearly stated that nobody can touch the task property before it starts. Despite knowing this, Pratik took a part of Jay’s property and hid it. When Jay saw it missing, he doubted Pratik and told Tejasswi Prakash, who was the Sanchalak that Pratik has stolen which was against the rules. Jay got angry and gave up too soon, he did not try to fight or find it back. Jay and Pratik got into a war of words and argued. Later, Jay did the same thing and threw something from Pratik’s property.

Seeing this, Tejasswi Prakash got angry and called Jay a “sore loser” as he was not able to accept the fact that he was losing and getting angry. After Tejasswi’s comment, Jay became more furious and asked her to never call him a sore loser.

Nishant Bhatt wins the task and becomes the captain

As both Pratik and Jay did not let each other perform, therefore, the clear winner of the task was Nishant Bhatt. He became the second captain of the season. He was happy to become a captain as he never got a chance to be one in the Bigg Boss Ott house.

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