Umar Riaz becomes the Captain of the house, Miesha Iyer loses because of Jay Bhanushali, Read here to know more

Umar Riaz

Umar Riaz wins the Captaincy task: Every week one or the other has to become the Captain in the Bigg Boss house and each contestant has their own zeal in becoming the Captain of the house. This week, Umar Riaz and Miesha Iyer successfully became the contenders for the Captaincy task. It was not a normal task but a task full of emotions and sentiments. It is Diwali time and as always all the contestants get gifts from their family but they have to earn their gifts inside the house.

A lot of sentiments are attached to those gifts and everyone wants the gifts sent by their loved ones but unfortunately not everyone can get those precious gifts. In this task, some got the gifts and others were left in tears as they had to put the gifts in the dustbin.

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Umar Riaz becomes the Captain, Miesha Iyer sacrifices her Captaincy for Jay Bhanushali

In the task, It was in Umar Riaz and Miesha Iyer’s hands to either let them have or don’t have the gifts sent by their families. If they decide to give the gift to a particular contestant, it would affect their chance of winning the task. Captaincy was important for both of them but one had to lose. When Bigg Boss announced Jay’s name, he folded his hands in front of Miesha and told her how important that gift is for him. Miesha got emotional and gave up 3 fuels for Jay.

He broke down in tears after seeing the precious gifts sent by his daughter. Shamita broke down in tears when both of them denied to let her have her gift. She felt lonely and sad.

Umar gave Afsana Khan’s gift to her as it required 2 fuels and he would still have more fuels as compared to Miesha. Umar did not give up more fuels for anybody. Miesha was losing so by the end of the task she knew that she did not have a chance to win so she gave up more fuels for the contestants who were left at the end.

This is how, Umar Riaz won the task and became the Captain of the house.

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