Divya Agarwal goes furious in the task after the opposite team puts soapy water into her eyes, Read here to know more

Divya Agarwal

Divya Agarwal loses her temper in the task: Bigg Boss gave a new task to all the pairs, there were two teams, Team Pratik and Team Raqesh. Team Pratik included Pratik, Akshara, Karan, Ridhima, Nishant and Moose whereas Team Raqesh included Raqesh, Shamita, Millind, Neha, Zeeshan and Divya.

The house was transformed into a Museum and one team had to become statues and maintain their poses for the maximum time whereas the opposite team had to put in efforts and make them come down of the podium by torturing them so that they could not maintain their pose. On day one, Team Raqesh was standing on the podium as statues and team Pratik was trying to torture them and destroy their pose. Keep reading to know more about the task.

Divya Agarwal lashes out Ridhima for putting dettol water in her eyes

Nishant was all in to torture Zeeshan and Divya mainly as he wanted them to come down of the podium and break their pose. He tried different ways to torture them, he put weights on them, put soapy water on them, used shaving cream, chillies and tried his best but both of them were standing still until the dettol water got into Divya Agarwal’s eyes and she lashed out at Ridhima and Nishant. She abused them many times out of anger and said, “Aankh mein paani kisne daala” and splashed water on Ridhima and Akshara out of anger. She also called them “B*s***d.”

Ridhima was trying to calm her down but she was not listening to her, Ridhima started crying and apologised to Divya Agarwal.

Nishant also shaved Zeeshan’s hair so that he leaves the podium but the latter did not care as he wanted to win the task in any case. Zeeshan has a great winning spirit in him and he never gives up and puts his all to win the task.

This was an extremely torturous task, even Millind and Neha lashed out at Moose for putting soapy water as it got into their eyes. “Tum ek badtameez ladki ho”, said Neha and Millind. Shamita broke down and cried after tolerating the smell of chillies, soapy water and a lot more. Raqesh and Shamita performed well and all the other contestants of team Raqesh gave their hundred percent.

Will team Raqesh take the revenge by torturing team Pratik to another level?

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