Bigg Boss OTT Participants : The show is back with a bang! Here’s all you need to know about the premiere of BB OTT and the contestants

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT grand premiere: Everything is going to be Over the top in this season! The long 3 hour premiere was full of fun, hot performances of the contestants along with their amazing introduction. It started with Bigg Boss welcoming Karan Johar to the show as a host followed by his entry on stage. He introduced the new concept of Bigg Boss OTT to the audience. The theme of the show is #StayConnected.

It will be a 6-week journey for the contestants to make their space in the finals. As the theme says, “Stay Connected”, the audience will always be connected to their favourite contestants by watching them 24 hours live in the house but not only the viewers but the contestants also have to stay connected to one contestant who will be there partner. Keep reading to know more.

Karan Johar introduced all the Heroes and the Heroins of Bigg Boss OTT

Heroes of the show

The hero number one of the show, Raqesh Bapat made his entry dancing on a romantic song. Karan introduced him to the audience and he is a decent and charming man. He is a soft spoken person and he was the only one who was selected the maximum number of times by the girls to become their partner but only one lucky girl got a chance to pair up with him.

The hero number two, Zeeshan Khan made a funny entry in a bathrobe. Karan introduced him to the audience and named him ‘The bathrobe guy.’ He is a lively person. He gave a funny explanation when Karan asked him that why is he wearing a bathrobe. He danced with Karan, both wore bathrobes and entertained the viewers.

The hero number three, Millind Gaba made a dope entry on one of his own songs, he was on a bike and sung his songs “Yaar mod do” and “Shaanti.” Not much of an introduction was required for Music MG as he already has a huge fan following and people show immense love for his songs. Fans are excited to watch him in Bigg Boss OTT.

The hero number four, Nishant Bhatt made an amazing entry with his dance moves. He nailed his dance performance on various songs. He is a famous dance choreographer and has appeared in many dancing shows as well.

The hero number five, Karan Nath also made a rocking entry with his dance performance. He is a dashing, good looking and a decent man. Karan introduced him to the audience. Millind gave him the title of “Iron man of the house.”

The hero number six, Pratik Sehajpal made his entry by showing his well built body in a fur coat. He claimed himself as a self proclaimed god and gave strong statements about the same. He was full of confidence, energy and high spirits but Karan said that this is “over confidence.” As soon as he entered, he started arguing with everyone on unreasonable topics.

Heroines of the show

The heroine number one, Shamita Shetty made her entry with her hot dance performance on her song “Sharara Sharara” in a beautiful red gown. Karan gave her a warm welcome. He introduced her to all the boys and asked her to choose two boys whom she would like to pair up with. She chose Raqesh and Karan. She was impressed by Raqesh and chose him as her partner.

The heroine number two, Urfi Javed made a casual entry and Karan welcomed her and introduced her to the audience. She is a talkative and a lively girl. She chose Zeeshan Khan as her partner.

The heroine number three, Neha Bhasin made her entry while singing a song in her melodious voice. Karan welcomed her and she chose Milind Gaba as her partner as both the singers could vibe and stay connected through the journey.

The heroine number four, Moose Jattana made a casual entry and Karan introduced her, she seems to be a self obsessed person. She chose Nishant Bhatt as her partner.

The heroine number five, Akshara Singh made her entry with a hot dance performance. She is a bold and a beautiful woman. The Bhojpuri star chose Pratik Sahejpal as her connection.

The heroine number six, Divya Agarwal made her entry with a dance performance. She is a known face as she has done various reality shows earlier. She only had one option, Karan Nath as her partner but there were 2 girls and 1 boy left. So this time she did not have the opportunity to choose.

The heroine number seven, Ridhima Pandit made her entry with an amazing performance. Both Divya and Ridhima were left to get a partner. Nishant had to make a choice between Divya and Ridhima. He chose Ridhima as his partner which left Divya without a partner.

Pairs of Bigg Boss OTT #StayConnected

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty

Zeeshan Khan and Urfi Javed

Millind Gaba and Neha Bhasin

Nishant Bhatt and Moose Jattana

Pratik Sehajpal and Akshara Singh

Karan Nath and Ridhima Pandit

As there are 13 contestants in the show as of now which includes 6 boys and 7 girls. Karan Nath had to choose between 2 girls, Divya and Ridhima for his pair. He chose Ridhima s his partner which left Divya without any partner. As a consequence of this, she has been nominated for the first week and she can break anyone’s connection in order to gain a partner.

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