Millind Gaba breaks down after a task and wants to leave the show? Read here to know more

Millind Gaba

Millind Gaba talks about quitting the show: Bigg Boss gave a task in which 2 pairs including Millind-Akshara and Pratik-Neha had to compete to become the boss man and boss lady of the house. After an unfair decision made by the housemates, Millind lost his cool and wanted to quit the show. Neha Bhasin also broke her connection with Millind Gaba and connected with Pratik Sehajpal which made him upset and he felt betrayed. He has now made his connection with Akshara Singh but both of them are unhappy as they did not expect their partners to flip. Keep reading to know more about his connection and the task.

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Millind Gaba goes through a mental breakdown

The final decision for the task winners was in the hands of the housemates. Majority of them chose Pratik and Neha as the winners, however, it was not a fair decision according to Millind and Akshara. He was extremely disappointed and got angry and lost his cool. He wanted to quit the show then and there, he packed all his stuff and took his bags to the main gate of the house and asked Bigg Boss to open the door as wants to go home and leave the show. Akshara and Divya calmed him down.

Millind Gaba also had a fight with Neha in the middle of the task. He used inappropriate words and both had an argument. Neha did not expect those words from Millind as both of them had a great understanding and they considered each other as good friends but unfortunately things did not work well between the two and Neha flipped and made a connection with Pratik. Pratik also flipped and ditched Akshara, she was extremely hurt as she did not expect this from Pratik.

Neha flipped because according to her Millind is not playing the game properly and he does not take his stand or speak much in the house. This could affect Neha’s game so she changed her connection.

Let’s see how far these new connections will go in the upcoming episodes.

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