How Divya Agarwal wins the first-ever season of Bigg Boss Ott without having a connection? Here’s all you need to know about her journey full of ups and downs

Divya Agarwal

Divya Agarwal lifts the first-ever Bigg Boss Ott Trophy: Divya Agarwal has played the game alone since day one, she got a connection, Zeeshan Khan only for a few days and then he got eliminated due to a physical fight with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt. Since then Divya did not get any connection in the house and she has survived in this house all by herself. She has stood for herself, kept her points and opinions in front of everyone, she has played like a queen, without anyone’s support, be it mental or emotional support, she has handled herself all alone.

When all the other connections had at least one person as their support, Divya was the only one without any support. It was an extremely tough and emotional journey for her but she made it to the end and lifted the trophy with extreme happiness. She deserved it! Keep reading to know more.

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Divya Agarwal wins the first ever season of Bigg Boss Ott

Divya Agarwal had her ups and downs in the house. She has had various fights and arguments with all the contestants in the house. At the beginning of the show, she had many fights with Pratik and both of them could not tolerate each other, she bonded well with Shamita and both considered each other as good friends but things got ugly between the two and it never came to a conclusion as their misunderstandings went on throughout the show. Raqesh Bapat, who was Shamita’s connection also could not get along well with Divya in the first few weeks as she had continuous fights with Shamita.

Whom Divya loved and hated in the house

Divya did not like Neha Bhasin and they did not get along well with each as well. Divya only considered Raqesh and Nishant as their good friends in the house. However, when there was time to take up her stand, even her friends did not stand for her and she fought all by herself.

Divya Agarwal nailed on the show and the viewers loved watching her as she played like a Queen, all by herself, without any support. She was a well-deserving winner of Bigg Boss Ott.

Bigg Boss Ott is now over and Bigg Boss 15 is on its way to entertain all of us, the show will have its premiere on October 2, 2021. Stay tuned!

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