Bigg Boss OTT: From Millind and Neha to Pratik and Akshara, Here’s all you need to know about the broken connections in the Bigg Boss OTT House


Bigg Boss OTT: Millind-Neha and Pratik-Akshara’s connection comes to an end. Every episode of Bigg Boss OTT brings something unexpected with it. As the game is all about staying connected and the contestants are playing in pairs since the first day, Bigg Boss gave an opportunity to all the contestants if they want to stay connected to their partners or make a new connection with someone else. The girls had to give their heart to a boy with who they want to be connected with and the boys had to make the final decision if they would like to accept the heart or break it. Keep reading to know more.

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Bigg Boss OTT: Millind Gaba and Neha Bhasin’s connection comes to an end

“I don’t want to be connected with anybody”, Neha did not give her heart to anyone as she was disappointed with her connection, Millind. She thought that Millind is very conclusive about her and is judgemental. She thinks that he has not taken up any stand for her or supported her in the journey of two weeks. “I don’t want to give this heart to anyone, It’s my call, let Bigg Boss punish me for this”, Saying all this, she broke the heart and threw it in the box.

Millind was extremely disappointed with Neha as he did not expect this to happen. He called her a flipper as she used to say that their bond is great and their thinking also matches but still she broke the connection.

Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal breaks his connection with Akshara Singh

Pratik first accepted Akshara’s heart but when Neha did not give her heart to anyone, Pratik flipped and broke the heart given by Akshara. He said they are better as friends. Akshara again gave her heart to Pratik and he again broke it and apologized to her giving his justification. Neha gave her heart to Pratik and he accepted it. On the other hand, Akshara gave her heart to Millind, saying, “Now I will give my heart to my friend Millind, he is my friend and I will not leave him alone”, She told Millind, “Let people speak whatever they want” and hugged him tightly.

Akshara felt bad and cried as she did not expect this from Pratik. Their connection was going well but unfortunately, Pratik flipped and changed his connection.

Bigg Boss OTT: Millind-Akshara and Pratik-Neha are the New connections in the house

All other connections are the same except Pratik-Akshara and Millind-Neha.

Divya Agarwal and Zeeshan Khan

Moose Jattana and Nishant Bhatt

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat

Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal

Akshara Singh and Millind Gaba

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