Neha Bhasin evicted overnight from the Bigg Boss Ott house? Read here to know more

Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin evicted from Bigg Boss Ott: In the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Moose and Neha were the two contestants in the bottom. Moose got evicted and Neha was saved by getting majority of votes from the housemates and made her space in the Top 6 contestants of Bigg Boss Ott. However, nobody thought of having a midnight eviction in the house. When Bigg Boss announced all the contestants to gather in the garden area, they got to know about the eviction and hugged each other before the final announcement.

Bigg Boss announced the names of 4 contestants who were safe, that included, Divya, Nishant, Shamita and Pratik. 2 contestants who got less votes were Raqesh and Neha, one of them had to leave. Viewers expected Raqesh to leave, however, the opposite happened and Neha Bhasin was eliminated. Pratik was heartbroken to see Neha leave, he hugged her tight and was in tears. Both of them were extremely close and fond of each other in the house, their friendship was true and strong. Their connection was loved by the viewers.

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Neha Bhasin’s journey in the Bigg Boss Ott House

Neha Bhasin has had the best journey in the Bigg Boss Ott house. She has been a fun, emotional and a bubbly contestant throughout her journey, she was a unique one in the house. Be it her friendship with Shamita or her lovey-dovey side with Pratik, she has been herself. She did not pretend to be someone else, she was real and true in all her relations in the house.

Neha Bhasin entered the house as a connection with Milind Gaba but things did not work out so well between the two, Neha felt more connected to Pratik and he felt the same, therefore both of them decided to break their connections and make a connection together. It was the best decision made by them as they have made a beautiful bond and friendship which will remain even outside the house. Pratik was extremely upset to see Neha leave but this is how this game is and their memories will always remain in the Bigg Boss house.

Will you also miss watching Neha Bhasin on the show?

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