Nia Sharma enters the Bigg Boss Ott house and lights up the atmosphere, all the housemates had fun in her task, Read here to know more

Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma enters the house: This was one of the most happening wildcard entries in the Bigg Boss house. Nia made a rocking entry doing her hot moves on a song. The contestants were not sure if she was a guest or a contestant, Shamita asked her and she introduced her as the new contestant in the house. She appreciated Divya and called her strong, she called Pratik handsome and Shamita pretty. While some contestants were happy to see her, some were worried as she might steal their connections. Nia came with a task given to her by Bigg Boss, all the housemates enjoyed the task. Keep reading to know more.

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Nia Sharma enters the house with an interesting task

An interesting task was given to Nia Sharma and all the housemates had fun while doing the task as it was extremely entertaining and it created a good vibe in the house. Pratik and Neha’s duty as the boss man and boss lady was over and Bigg Boss made Nia the boss lady of the house for that day and gave her a task in which all the connections including Shamita-Raqesh, Pratik-Neha, and Millind-Akshara had to compete to come in the race of becoming the boss couple.

Nishant and Moose were already in the race and one more connection had to join them. All the 3 connections had to impress Nia and earn golden coins from her, the connection with the maximum number of coins will join the race of becoming the boss couple.

All the connections tried their best in impressing Nia Sharma. Neha nailed her mimicry skills as she was mimicking Divya and Shamita, it was hilarious and everyone including the housemates and the viewers enjoyed watching her. Millind is also entertained with his raps and moves. Nia gave coins to everyone in a fair manner and as of now Millind and Akshara have the maximum number of coins. Let’s see who will win the task and make their space in the race of becoming the boss couple in the upcoming episode.

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