“Thank God I did not go in the last season of Bigg Boss in between those animals, those fake people”, says Pratik Sehajpal in an interview

Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal has made his space in the famous reality show Bigg Boss this time and his fans are excited to watch him once again. After appearing in the MTV’s reality shows, Ace of Space, Roadies and Love School 3, Pratik is all set to entertain his fans in the Bigg Boss house. Since he has already appeared in reality shows, fans know a lot about him and are very well aware about his identity and character. Bigg Boss OTT started streaming from August 8 on Voot, Monday to Saturday at 7Pm and on Sunday’s we will meet Karan Johar at 8pm. Keep reading to know about Pratik’s expectations from the show and everything about his game plan for Bigg Boss OTT.

Pratik Sehajpal’s Bigg Boss OTT Interview

“I am very excited and I feel so energetic, I can’t even contain it and I just want the production to lock me inside the Bigg Boss house. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the show, even last year I signed the contract but I could not do the show due to work commitments and fortunately I am getting to meet both Salman Khan and Karan Johar this time”

How prepared are you for all the conflicts in the house?

“Anything that people will put against me, I am standing all right here with my firm feet on the ground, If I am wrong I will apologise but if I am right then trust me it’s going to be an apocalypse”

“I liked Guatam Gulati’s game”

“From the previous Bigg Boss seasons, Kushal Tandon is my ex co contestants and a close friend, he was a real personality, he stood up for himself.”

“There have been so many contestants, Manveer Gujjar, Gautam Gulati and Shipla Shinde, these people fought their battles on their own and people have pointed fingers on them but still they got love and support from the audience.”

“Thank God I did not go in the last season of Bigg Boss in between those animals, those fake people”

Pratik called the previous season contestants “animals” and “fake people”, He said,

“Thank God I did not go in the last season of Bigg Boss in between such contestants, those animals, those fake people”

“There were so many fake things happening in the house in the last season, so many big personalities were there, they were not real and honest. It is a reality show not an acting show, that is why I was not fond of that season and I did not watch it.”

Pratik Sehajpal in Bigg Boss OTT

Pratik Sehajpal has made his connection with Akshara Singh. Their connection got ranked as number 1 and they became the first Boss Jodi of the season. Pratik has had many arguments in the show till now. He has constant arguments and fights with Divya Agarwal and both of them cannot tolerate each other’s presence. Pratik also had a huge fight with Shamita Shetty regarding food. He does not go well with Divya and Shamita but he has friends in the house that includes Nishant, Moose, Akshara and Urfi.

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