From Pratik and Ridhima to Moose and Neha, Here’s all you need to know about the massive arguments in the recent episode


From Pratik Sehajpal and Ridhima Pandit to Neha Bhasin and Moose Jattana, the contestants had a huge argument: New fights come in each day with new episodes. In the recent episode, Ridhima lashed out at Pratik when he was trying to give her an order to wash the utensils. On the other hand, Moose passed comments about Neha and put soapy water on her during the task which got into her eyes. Moose apologised to Neha but again poked her and their argument worsened as all the house mates got involved in it. Keep reading to know more about the fights in the house.

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Pratik and Ridhima’s fight

Pratik and Ridhima got into a fight when Pratik asked Ridhima that why has she not washed the utensils. Ridhima gave him a reason that she was tired and not feeling well so she left them and his connection Karan is helping her in it. Pratik started arguing with her which offended her and she lashed out at him as he was trying to give her an order to do the work. Ridhima said, “Tum kaun hote ho mujhe bolne wale ki mujhe kya karna hai, tumhare baap ki naukar nahi hun” (Who are you to tell me what to do, I am not your father’s servant).

Ridhima lost her calm as she was not Pratik was getting on her nerves and she was not able to tolerate him anymore.

Moose and Neha’s heated argument

Neha and Moose got into a massive fight. Moose commented about Neha, “Ye ladko ko kiss kar sakti hai par Millind ke sath bed share nahi kar sakti” (She can kiss boys but cannot sleep with her connection Millind), This statement offended her. Earlier In the task, Moose threw soapy water on Neha and Millind which got into their eyes. Moose apologised to Neha and said sorry to her admitting that she loves her but again they got into an argument regarding utensils which offended Neha and their argument worsened as all the housemates got involved in it.

Neha also passed comments about Moose but she did not react much on them. Despite everyone supporting Neha, His connection Nishant was constantly supporting Moose.

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