‘You like this f***ing task’ – Shamita Shetty bursts in anger and abuses Nishant when the latter was discussing about the task

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty lashes out at Nishant: Everyday there is a new and unexpected fight in the house but this fight took another level as viewers never saw this side of Shamita.

She bursted out in anger at Nishant when the latter was discussing about the task and said that he likes the concept that everyone is able to watch the task, it offended Shamita and she bursted out her baggage of anger against Nishant as she though that he is making fun of her. Nishant was not at fault, Shamita Shetty took his statement in another way and lost her temper. Keep reading to know everything about this massive fight in the house.

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Shamita Shetty’s emotional breakdown after a fight with Nishant Bhatt

The contestants had to choose 2 pairs who deserved to get punished on the basis of the two-week journey in the Bigg Boss house. Raqesh-Shamita and Akshara-Pratik got the maximum votes and they had to do a task as a punishment. The fight started when Nishant said that he likes the task as everyone is able to watch the task, he said it’s good that Bigg Boss has put down the blinds and made us sit here so that we can also watch the task. This statement offended Shamita as she though that Nishant is making fun of the torture that they are facing and enjoying it.

Shamita said, “You like this task? she started screaming saying “You like this f***ing task”, to which Nishant said “Why are you screaming, do your task.” Both raised their voice and started shouting, Shamita started abusing Nishant, she called him “F***ing snake”, “Ch****a”, Nishant got offended as she was abusing him without any reason. Shamita was carrying a baggage against him and it all got out when she was triggered by his statement about the task.

The fight got worse when Shamita got closer to Nishant while arguing with him and it offended Nishant’s connection, Moose and she came in between and tried to back her off, they got into a physical fight as both Shamita and Moose pushed each other. Later, Shamita got an emotional breakdown and cried her heart out. Ridhima and Neha calmed and consoled her. Raqesh hugged her and she felt better.

After Akshara and Zeeshan’s spat, This was the ugliest fight in the house till now.

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