Sima Taparia from Indian Matchmaking enters the Bigg Boss house and has an interesting conversation with the pairs, Read here to know more

Sima Taparia

Sima Taparia enters the Bigg Boss house: In episode 3 of Bigg Boss OTT, the popular matchmaker, Sima Taparia was welcomed in the show and she had a conversation with all the pairs including, Zeeshan-Urfi, Nishant-Moose, Karan-Ridhima, Pratik-Akshara, Raqesh-Shamita and Millind-Neha. All the Jodis had fun communicating with her and answering to all her questions. Apart from this, there was a fight regarding food between Shamita and Akshara, the argument which worsened by the end of the episode as people got divided in teams. Keep reading to know more about the recent episode.

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Sima Taparia in Bigg Boss OTT

Sima Taparia had a conversation with each pair and told them how their connection is looking from outside followed by a few question like rating their connection, is their connection right and a few more.

Zeeshan and Urfi are not so happy with their connection as it lacks individual efforts. Nishant and Moose are happy with their connection as their minds match and they have common friends in the house. Karan and Ridhima are satisfied with their connection, they just require a little more effort. Pratik and Akshara are extremely happy and satisfied with their connection and Sima Taparia also complimented them for their connection and bond. She was highly impressed by these two.

Raqesh and Shamita are satisfied with each other but the two would like to know each other more deeply to become compatible. Millind and Neha are fully satisfied and happy with each other and both feel that their connection is strong and real.

Pratik and Akshara to become the first Boss Jodi of the season

Bigg Boss gave a task to all the pairs to rank their connection and stand in front of the numbers where their connection stands, they had to rank their connection from 1-6. Pratik and Akshara were confident that their connection is number 1. All the pairs ranked themselves but there was not a mutual decision. After that, Bigg Boss asked Sima Taparia to rank the pairs.

Sima Taparia’s rankings:

1. Pratik and Akshara

2. Millind and Neha

3. Karan and Ridhima

4. Raqesh and Shamita

5. Nishant and Moose

6. Zeeshan and Urfi

As Pratik and Akshara were ranked as number 1 jodi, Bigg Boss announced them to be the first Boss Jodi, Pratik as Boss man and Akshara as the Boss lady. Both of them were ecstatic after this announcement. They have the responsibility of the house now.

Shamita and Akshara’s argument

In the episode, Akshara and Shamita had an argument regarding food as Akshara ate Shamita’s gluten free granola which was only for her and Neha. Akshara was disappointed as she did not get food the previous day and she expressed herself which lead to an arguement.

Shamita has a medical problem that is why she has asked for gluten free granola from Bigg Boss but when she asked Akshara not to touch that, it offended her in some way and both got heated up. Now, Akshara has also decided to make her own food with Pratik as the former is upset for not getting enough food for herself. She also didn’t like Shamita and Divya’s way of talking and said “English bolni mujhe bhi aati hai.”

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