Bigg Boss OTT: Zeeshan Khan breaks her connection with Urfi Javed on the 4th day? Read here to know more

Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan Khan and Urfi Javed’s connection: On the premiere day, 6 connections were formed and Divya Agarwal was the only contestant without a connection. She was nominated for the whole week and got the opportunity to break someone’s connection to get safe in the game. In the recent episode, Bigg Boss announced that whoever wants to break their connection with their current partner and make a new connection with Divya can press the buzzer. Nobody was planning to break their connections but unexpectedly Zeeshan Khan came forward and hit is hand on the buzzer, breaking his connection with Urfi Javed on the 4th day of the show. Keep reading to know more.

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Zeeshan Khan broke his connection with Urfi Javed which made her cry and go furious

Zeeshan and Urfi knew each other since a few years and were good friends. Urfi chose Zeeshan as her connection without even thinking because she was sure about their bond and connection to stay well and good throughout the journey of 6 weeks and the two already knew each other from the outside world. Despite knowing each other, both of them did not take individual efforts in the house for each other and their personalities did not match. Matchmaker Sima Taparia also told them that they are not taking the advantage of being friends and are not communicating with each other.

Both of them decided to work on their connection and put in efforts but Zeeshan flipped and pressed the buzzer. He did not even discuss with Urfi before breaking the connection and suddenly changed his mind to make a new connection with Divya Agarwal. Zeeshan did not feel like staying connected to Urfi anymore. Urfi was very hurt and she cried but she was extremely angry at the same time. She also said that she will not talk to Zeeshan ever now. “My mascara is too expensive to cry for him”, said Urfi.

Zeeshan made his connection with Divya Agarwal which saved her in the game and as Urfi has no connection now, she has been nominated for the entire week.

Will Urfi and Zeeshan become rivals now?

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