Bigg Boss OTT: Nishant calls Shamita “dominating” and thinks that she treats Raqesh badly, the latter lashes out at him and both get into a fight


Nishant accuses Shamita for dominating Raqesh: The two does not go along well with each other as their thoughts do not match. Earlier also a massive fight broke out between Shamita and Nishant in which Shamita abused him without a valid reason as she was carrying a baggage against him and she bursted out at him while she was doing her punishment task with Raqesh. In the recent episode of Sunday Ka Vaar, Nishant called Shamita ‘Dominating’ and ‘Arrogant'(Ghamandi), he also said that she does not treat Raqesh well and she tries to control him. This offended her and again a fight broke out between the two. Keep reading to know more.

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Nishant offends Shamita by calling her “Dominating” and “Arrogant”

When Nishant accused Shamita for dominating and controlling Raqesh and treating him badly, Raqesh did not take stand for Shamita and did not defend her for that allegation that was been put on her by Nishant. This made her upset as she expected Raqesh to speak for her and express his opinion about the same but Raqesh was silent at that moment. Shamita blasted at him and told him that she is the one who becomes the bad and the controlling person in their connection always.

Nishant also called Shamita an ‘ice queen’ and said that she wants everything to happen in the Bigg Boss house according to her. He also said that her opinions and friendships are according to her ‘convenience’.

After the game of distributing the candies was over, Shamita lost her calm at Raqesh and shouted,

“You keep quiet, haan. He will keep saying things about my relationship with you and how I am dominating you, you keep quiet. I will keep defending myself only always.”

When Raqesh told her that she is overreacting, Shamita said,

“No, I am not overreacting. It’s on national television, he is saying I am dominating you. I am the one who is treating you badly. You keep your mouth shut when he says that about me. He doesn’t feel I treat you nicely.”

Raqesh asked her that why is she involving him in this and asked her not to react to his comments. Later, Nishant and Shamita got into an argument and shouted at each other.

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