Bigg Boss Ott: Raqesh Bapat wants to quit the show? Read here to know the reason

Raqesh Bapat

Raqesh Bapat does not want to play the game anymore: Since day one, Raqesh has stayed calm in the game, he is a man of less words, he does not take stand for him or fight with anybody in the house. His politeness has been considered as his weakness as people think that he has been controlled and dominated by his connection, Shamita Shetty. At the beginning of the season, he broke down in tears when Pratik called him “Spineless”, he said that this game is not meant for him.

However, after all the evictions, Raqesh has reached the Finale week. Pratik constantly called Raqesh weak and accused him for passing a sexist comment which affected him and he wanted to quit the show. Keep reading to know more.

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Raqesh Bapat wants to quit the show after Pratik Sehajpal constantly insults him

In a task, Raqesh and Nishant had to mutually decide two people who would be getting an advantage in the task. Raqesh was pitching for Shamita, while convincing Nishant, he said, “Men are stronger than women”, he meant that men are physically stronger than women and in a task where power is needed men could beat women. Nishant told this statement to all the housemates and accused him for passing a sexist comment. He did not intend to pass that comment but still he apologised then and there looking in the camera.

In the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Karan Johar slammed Raqesh for his statement as his logic of “men are stronger than women” offended him. Raqesh had no intention to put down women but his statement was portraying a wrong meaning. He tried to explain and justify himself but Karan was not satisfied as according to him it was a sexist comment, he even told him that it could offend all the women out there.

Moose agreed with Karan and shared she had told Raqesh then that ‘strength doesn’t come from gender’. However, Shamita defended Raqesh that his intentions were not so but it came out differently. Karan said that he had to take up this issue because he did not want to be a part of the cancel culture, he could not ignore this statement.

After Karan Johar’s accusations, Pratik added to it by constantly insulting Raqesh Bapat, calling him out for his sexist comment, Raqesh broke down and wanted to quit the show. Shamita, Nishant and Divya tried to calm him down. Shamita even defended Raqesh by confronting Pratik not to pass comment about him as it is insulting and he is also a human being who would feel hurt by such comments.

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