Shamita and Akshara’s argument turns into a massive fight? Read here to know more


Shamita and Akshara’s fight: Shamita does not get along with Pratik, Nishant and Moose. She recently had a spat with her so called best friend, Divya Agarwal after the Weekend episode in which Karan Johar brought up the behind the back conversations in the house. Bigg Boss OTT contestants Shamita and Bhojpuri star Akshara also does not go well with each other and both of them have gone through various arguments on different occasions. Keep reading to know the reason behind this argument that turned into a fight.

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Shamita and Akshara’s massive fight

After having an argument earlier, again the two get into a massive fight. In the recent episode, both get into a fight over Kitchen duties. Shamita and Raqesh recently became the Boss Jodi of the house and it is their responsibility to manage the house for this week. While working in the kitchen, Akshara politely asked if Shamita knows where is the box of salt as she did not know where it has been kept.

She replied in a rude and irritated tone that it is not her kitchen and she should know where all the ingredients are kept. After this, a huge fight erupts between the two as both of them started shouting at each other and all the housemates get involved into the spat.

Everyone tries to understand the reason behind their fight. While Pratik supported his connection Akshara and argued with Shamita, the latter ignored him and continued replying to Akshara. Shamita’s connection, Raqesh also tried to calm her down and resolve the matter but it got all heated up and both of them were not ready to listen. Shamita told Raqesh that Akshara always plays the sympathy card by saying that she does not know English belonging to the Bhojpuri industry, she said that it is not our fault. On the other hand, Akshara age-shamed her and said that she does not have manners to talk.

Divya, who was present in the kitchen also defended Akshara. Shamita was firm on her stand and she said, Akshara is very lazy and doesn’t want to open the cupboards and see for herself. All the contestants supported Akshara in this while Raqesh tried to cool down his connection and made her understand the situation.

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