Bigg Boss Ott Ticket to Finale task gets cancelled? Know the reason here

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Bigg Boss cancelled the Ticket to Finale Task: After the announcement of breakup of connections in the house, the nominations task took place. All the contestants except Raqesh and Nishant were nominated. Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity to get themselves saved from the nominations and make their space directly to the finale week. In the task, three contestants could get saved, however, the ticket to finale task ended up being cancelled by Bigg Boss as the housemates failed to make any progress during the task. Hence, all the contestants remained nominated and only Raqesh and Nishant were safe for the week.

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Bigg Boss cancelled the Ticket to Finale Task after Neha disrespected the show and the task

The task was extremely easy and it was a free pass given by Bigg Boss which could have directly taken three more contestants along with Raqesh and Nishant to the finale week. There was an auto rickshaw placed in the garden area and three people had to sit inside it at a time. The task would get over after 5 buzzers.

After each buzzer, one contestant out of the three had to leave the rickshaw with a mutual decision of all three people and that person had to send another person from the danger zone of his/her choice inside the rickshaw. This would repeat until the fifth buzzer. The last three people inside the rickshaw on the fifth buzzer would get saved and enter the finale week. However, this did not happen as the task could not move ahead and Bigg Boss declared it “Radd” (Cancelled).

During the last buzzer, when Divya and Moose mutually decided to send Pratik out of the rickshaw, he wanted to send Neha inside the rickshaw to take his place. However, Neha being a true friend did not want to get save alone, leaving her friends Pratika and Shamita in danger. Pratik and Shamita forced Neha to go inside the rickshaw, Pratik screamed at her but she was stuck at her decision. With a cold heart and a lot of request and pressure through Pratik, she was about the enter the rickshaw but Bigg Boss announced that the task has been cancelled as none of them were making any progress towards it.

Because of Neha, Divya and Moose also lost their opportunity to get safe and enter the finale week. Let’s see who will be evicted from the house in the upcoming episode.

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