Black Mirror: Fiction or Reality

Black Mirror: Fiction or Reality?


Black Mirror is a dystopian science fiction TV Series written by Charlie Brooker. It is known for its creepy storylines that show us a different dark side of technology in every other episode. While some episodes are way too improbable to be true, many episodes reflect and even predict, their relation with real life.

Here are a few times Black Mirror mirrored real life:

1. Shut up and Dance (Season3, Episode3):

This episode follows the life of a 17-year old boy who has had his computer hacked, through which he was recorded doing something compromising. The storyline of this episode is not about advanced and futuristic technology; it shows something that is entirely possible in today’s world.

Computers and phones have been hackable for a while now. It isn’t impossible for a hacker to be able to view us through our webcams and keep a check on our activities. This episode showcases the absolute worst things that can happen once vulnerable information of yours falls into the hands of the wrong person.

Shut up and Dance
Episode: Shut up and Dance
2. Nosedive (Season 3, Episode 1):

A system in which people are rated between zero and five by others, that decides what kind of life they live? Seems far-fetched? Nope, this concept isn’t as unlikely after all.

In China, citizens are enrolled in a social credit system. Under this system, the government will be collecting data on every individual’s social behavior and give them a single score, which will determine the services that they could avail from the state.

Social Rating System
Social Rating System

Even in the apps, we use in our daily lives such as tinder and Uber, rating one another is one of their features.


Nose Dive: Black Mirror
Episode: Nosedive
3. Hated in the Nations (Season 3, Episode 6):

This episode shows a world with artificial robotic bees, that were initially used for pollination, are later hacked and used to murder people.

hated nation black mirror
Episode: Hated in the Nations

This seems like a completely fictional storyline until we heard about Harvard, which has seemingly developed a similar technology of artificial bees.


4. Rachel, Jack, and Ashley too (Season 5, Episode 3):

 This episode of Black Mirror revolves around a family getting an AI doll called Ashley Too. Ashley Too is a robotic smart toy; it’s like a companion that you can interact with. It has all the features of a smartphone, except, without the need for touch.  Sounds familiar?

It is basically what most of our households have currently; Alexa. Even the name is similar.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley too
Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley too
5. Fifteen Million Merits (Season 1, Episode 2):

 In this episode, members live in a world surrounded by screens, where they have to cycle constantly to earn ‘merits’, which are used to pay for the things they need. They also have an online reality show, where people show their talent and are surrounded by a virtual audience, that is controlled by actual people.

Now here’s a shot virtual AGT audition taking place this year:

AGT Virtual Show Black Mirror
Shot of virtual AGT audition

Achingly familiar, isn’t it?

6. Metalhead (Season 4, Episode 5):

 We’ve already seen robot bees, and a robot companion in Black Mirror, but now, a robot dog? That has to be bizarre, right? Nope, again, not that impossible. Robot dogs have already been developed and are set to be released very soon. Although they aren’t deadly…yet.

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Of course, at the end of the day, Black Mirror is just a fictional show that showcases the worst possible outcomes of our developing technology. Most of the technology shown is a bit far- fetched and futuristic, but that’s the thing. It can be our future, whether it is a few years from now, or literally next week.

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