Blackpink Disband Dominates Twitter Trends: Read about the conflict within the K-pop community

blackpinkdisband trends on twitter

The K-pop community sometimes gets involved in feuds within or among different fandoms. This time some very toxic Blackpink “fans” started fan wards with a certain fandom. Some of these toxic individuals made pretty rude, offensive and unacceptable comments about the KPOP stars BTS.

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What Led To #BlackpinkDisband?

This feud started on the new Twitter feature called Twitter spaces, where people can join and talk to each other in a live audio conversation. This place got a little too negative when a few toxic people started to make statements that were very offensive. They threw hate on BTS and have done it before with every other k-pop group.

This whole situation of hatred disturbed a lot of Netizens, so to bring an end to this and attention to these toxic individuals, netizens started the trend #BlackpinkDisband. There are many BLACKPINK fans who are speaking up against these toxic individuals and hope that the girl group themselves are not blamed for these users making ridiculous claims.

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#BlackpinkDisband: Have a look at some of the Tweets below:

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