BLACKPINK’s Rosé and Jennie are spotted in Los Angeles: Netizens are horrified after The Hollywood Fix talked about pregnancy rumors

Blackpink rose and jennie in LA

Blackpink members Jennie and Rosé were recently spotted at a shopping mall in Los Angeles, California. This aroused the curiosity of many netizens, and many gladly thought that something ‘big’ might be coming soon. Many have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on what could be the reason for the Los Angeles trip for Jennie and Rose.

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BLACKPINK’s Pregnancy Rumors

However, most cable users were unable to help but were completely surprised by The Hollywood Fix reporting about the two BLACKPINK members. The media have uploaded their YouTube channel and social media pages a recorded video of the two members outside a children’s clothing store, calling it “Blackpink Sparks Pregnancy Rumors When Seen Shopping For Children’s Clothes At Couture Kids 6.25.21”.

Seeing the “rumors”, many of the netizens laughed and made fun of the media for their absurd speculation.

“Such a clickbait headline. It’s prob for Anthony’s son Luca because he is in LA or it could be for Halsey”, said a fan. “pregnancy? bro they can’t even have a driver’s license.” said another.

“Don’t get your hopes up though because in the past jennie flew to the US for a halloween party, this could just be rosé and jennie supporting a friend and attending a baby shower and not an official schedule.”

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#BlackpinkDisband Dominates Twitter Trends

Some very toxic Blackpink “fans” started fan war with a certain fandom. Some of these toxic individuals made pretty rude, offensive and unacceptable comments about the KPOP stars BTS.

This whole situation of hatred disturbed a lot of Netizens, so to bring an end to this and attention to these toxic individuals, netizens started the trend #BlackpinkDisband. There are many BLACKPINK fans who are speaking up against these toxic individuals and hope that the girl group themselves are not blamed for these users making ridiculous claims.

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