Blackpink’s new show: BLACKPINK’s LISA to host a comeback special show on NAVER NOW ahead of solo comeback

blackpink's lisa to host a comeback show on naver now

Blackpink’s main dancer Lisa will be hosting a comeback show special episode on Naver Now ahead of a solo comeback with “LALISA”. She is the third member of Blackpink after Jennie and Rose to have solo albums or singles. Read on to know more about the comeback and Naver Now Show.

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BLACKPINK’S LISA To Host a Comeback Show on Naver Now

LALISA came down on September 10, and as a special, Naver NOW is holding his retrospective meeting on September 14 at 8 PM KST! Naver NOW is a streaming service with many live channels and special programs with different themes and ideas. If you do not want to miss out on the return of book history bookmarks, be sure to check out the special LISA return plan on your calendar!

Lisa disclosed her two new songs

Earlier, Lisa presented various concept images, teasers, and the official tracklist of ‘LALISA’ which will consist of two songs, a title song with the same name, and a b-side song ‘MONEY’. (corresponding) to type. The organization said, “Both ‘LALISA’ and ‘Money’ are hip-hop genres with a strong rhythm, melody, and unstoppable rap.” ‘LALISA’ is all set to be released on September 10 at 9:30 am IST (1 pm KST).

How to Stream Lisa’s Comeback Show?

Worried about not knowing how to access LISA’s special show? Just download the Naver app (available for iOS and Android) to access Naver NOW. To view, fans can simply see the section on the Naver app home page titled “NOW.” To make things even easier, no accounts are required to watch live. Just open the app and enjoy your front-row seat at LISA’s special event!

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