Netflix’s new release starring Kajol ‘Tribhanga’ shows mother daughter dynamics


New Netflix original, Tribhanga, released on 15th January, is all about the dynamics between a generation of mothers and daughters. Directed and written by Renuka Shahane, ‘Tribangha’ tells us that no matter what you try, there is no particular way to be the ‘perfect parent’.


What is the story?

The story is told through three generations of women; an acclaimed novelist Nayantara (Tanvi Azmi), her daughter Anuradha (Kajol), and Anuradha’s daughter Masha (Mithila Palkar).

Nayantara’s particularly bad choice in men leads to her having several failed marriages, which end up tainting her daughter Anuradha, who begins to resent her mother for it. Anuradha believes that her mother’s ignorance is the what caused her to be cold hearted, and never wants to do the same to her own daughter. So, she decides to never bring any strange men close to Masha.

However, Masha, who was ‘born out of wedlock’, is bullied all through her school life because of her mother’s modern relationships. She in turn, promises to be traditional in her ways with her family; thus, continuing the cycle of wanting to be the ‘perfect mother’ and not being able to achieve it.

Nayantara falling into coma is when the family of is brought together and even though initially Anuradha is still bitter towards her mother, much awaited apologies and forgiveness are made amongst the three.

Kajol, regarding ‘Tribhanga’:

“There are definitely parallels in the story that I can relate to but the situations are completely different. There are so many things that my character Anu said resonated with me totally but my relationship with my mother is completely different from what is shown and my relationship with my daughter is a lot like it but my daughter is completely different,” says Kajol.

“The story came from a desire to explore how our relationships with the mother figure affects our journeys, especially when we become mothers”, says Shahane.

“My mother is my support and I have a very loving relationship with her which is certainly my core. This whole thing – if the core of my being is unsettled in some way, what would I have been – was something I wanted to delve into. Some time back I met an acquaintance who hated her mom. She had recently got married and she very casually said that she was glad to escape her mother. Meeting her was the beginning of the story that was the starting point for me. This was the first time that I had met a person who said that she hated her mother. It was very strange for me to experience that. It’s a reaction to the kind of relationship I have with my mother. It is so well rounded and complete and I have so much gratitude and that itself I turned it around. Also, the cultural milieu is very familiar to me because my mom is a writer,” says Shahane.


Anuradha describes Nayantara as the slightly off-centre pose in Odissi called ‘abhang’, Masha as the in-balance ‘sama-bhang’, and herself as ‘Tribhanga’, the pose with three bends at varying angles.

“I love Odissi and I find it so correct to name the film Tribhanga because it has three different women from the same family, they are connected. It is like an obtuse triangle, all the angles are different but they are all connected. Tribhanga reflects that beautifully,” says Shahane.

‘Tribhanga’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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