BREAKING: Actor Lee Ji Hoon personally speaks up to deny all allegations that he abused his status as a celebrity on the set of ‘Sponsor’

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After Lee Ji Hoon was accused of bringing a misbehaving friend on the set of his new drama “Sponsor”, he was targeted by netizens for his irresponsible actions. He then issued an apology that was addressed to the production team of the drama but did not speak about it publicly. Now the actor has posted a long message on his Instagram account. Read on to know what the act9r has to say about the whole situation.

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For those who are uninitiated, earlier this week, YTN Star reported that one of the “Sponsor” staff members complained in a group discussion about an incident involving acquaintances with one of the characters in the show. Both the game’s producers and Lee Ji Hoon’s agency responded by issuing statements apologizing for the incident and clarifying details of what happened.

On the same day, author Park Gye Hyung said he was fired because of Lee Ji Hoon’s complaints during his screening, which led to the fact that part of the “sponsoring” production staff was changed without notice. Both the team of theater producers and Lee Ji Hoon’s agency have responded by vehemently denying the author’s allegations that the actor was involved in his dismissal.


After the scene unfolded, Lee Ji Hoon took to his Instagram and made a post, expressing his thoughts about the scenario. Here’s the literal translation of the same.

Hello. This is the place of Lee Ji Hoon. I’m sorry to talk just now. First of all, I sincerely apologize for the conflict between my friend and the FD (Executive Director) recording set. To be honest, I don’t know what conversation was shared between them. But one thing I do know is that it was my fault that my friend visited me with a set that would give me a gift. I’m sorry if FD feels uncomfortable with that. I’m so sorry. From now on, I will be very careful not to have any friends come during the set.

However, if you all don’t pay attention, I would like you to listen to my story at least once … I wanted to tell the truth … because there are so many exaggerated and distorted words. .I appreciate you because I can no longer wait … I have been maintaining good relations with other employees without any problems so far … I have done my best to somehow fill in because of my lack of skills and really doing well … To be honest, FD hyung has done badly. to my manager, to the reporters who came to discuss the set, the extras, and to me as well … After seeing that. , because I am also a human being, I was not well. It is true that in the past I wondered why, instead of saying at least one kind word to hard-working people, they had to treat them badly.

The first distorted fact is that my friend did not prepare a birthday party for me that morning. But thankfully, my two fans provided food for all the staff. Then, after the end of the morning shooting, for a very short time, they congratulated me on my birthday in the basement parking lot. That is all. The second [distorted truth] is that I took off my pants and removed the noise, which is a common misconception. I swear by my name that nothing like this has ever happened. All the staff there saw and knew that this was the pure truth. There was no set but outside, there was no good place to change so I used a car, bathroom, road, and hallways to change, but each of those times my staff covered me.

Third. My friend had an argument with FD, but it’s not true that I encouraged her. I tried to stop her. This was what the workers saw, and [my eyes did not want to] ‘how could you quarrel with me,’ but I looked at my friend as if to say, ‘What are you doing, why are you doing this? ‘I also told FD hyung to stop, and that’s all. Then I waited until all the recording was over and went to FD hyung to try and apologize to him for my friend, but he was like, ‘Approach is blocked, no touch, no touch. Yeah ~ I finished talking to my lawyer.

Do you think that you are the only one who knows how to lend money to criminals? ‘ So, I could not personally apologize. About the rumors that I pushed FD hyung into having an interview with my friend will be confirmed when CCTV comes out.

I felt frustrated and angry when I read the comments below the articles that came out, and I wondered why things I hadn’t done were circulating online. Hopefully there will be no more conflicts and false speculations. To my fans who encourage me and those who care about me badly, please criticize me for what I have done. Even as I write this, I reflect on the specific things I have done.

Of the things I need to fix and meditate on, I will use this time to learn and correct myself for sure! My writing has been so long … I want to apologize again for showing you the negative state of my writing. From now on, I will try to act wisely in all situations, as a public figure. I’m so sorry. I always had to wear a set of recordings with strong energy and hard work, but this was due to my lack. To everyone, and to all who worked hard on the recording industry, I apologize for all of you. “

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