BREAKING: Cube Entertainment announces that Soojin will be leaving G-Idle and the group will be promoting as a five-member group

soojin to leave g-idle

Soojin, a member of the Kpop girls’ group (G) DLE, who has been accused of school violence, is leaving the group. She was accused of school violence in February and was in trouble. At the time, her company Cube Entertainment completely denied allegations of school violence and filed a lawsuit against a network administrator who posted an online publicity article. Read on to know more.

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Soojin is leaving G-IDLE

On the 14th, Cube Entertainment, the company, announced in an official statement, “We have decided to leave Su-jin Seo in the party from today.”

“In the future, (G) DLE plans to continue their activities as a five-member program, and we will do our best to support (G) DLE with our best efforts so that they can showcase mature music and performance.” However, her classmate, actor Seo Shin-ae, also admitted that he was plagued by school violence. Sujin and the agency decided to leave the club after about six months without disclosing their position temporarily.

“We bow our heads and apologize for raising concerns about the controversial issue of Seo Soo-jin,” the label said in a statement, using Soojin’s full name. “We will provide strong support and do our best to ensure that (G) DLE will introduce mature music and performance.”

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What happened to Soojin?

Allegations of Soojin’s harassment surfaced in February when someone made online claims about the artist robbing others of money and valuables while he was in middle school. The singer denied the allegations and Cube accused the accused and others of leaving behind hateful ideas. She had suspended all activities with the group since March during the incident.

The singer has been criticized since February when several networks accused her of harassing her high school classmates, from physical abuse to verbal abuse. Soojin initially denied the allegations but when a number of suspects appeared, including actor Seo Shin-ae who attended the same school as the singer, Soojin suspended all her activities and has been dignified since March.

The organizsation asked for everyone’s understanding as it took them a while to take a closer look at past events alongside other former teachers and other students of the South Korean artist. According to Cube Entertainment, a member of (G) DLE Soojin was involved in a heated argument. However, it was noted that there was not enough evidence to prove that She had abused or committed the crime as alleged by the victim.

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