“Brilliant and unexpectedly candid”: Will Buxton gives a review on F1 ‘Drive to Survive’ Season 3

"Brilliant and unexpectedly candid": Will Buxton gives a review on F1 'Drive to Survive' Season 3
F1 fans can buckle up their seat belts because the third season of Drive to Survive will be releasing on Netflix on March 19, and will follow the important moments and highlights of the 2020 season. The third season of the Netflix documentary will be released ahead of the F1 new 2021 season.

Formula One digital presenter and reporter, Will Buxton has said that the upcoming third season is the best among the three. He has been a prominent part of the production of the last two seasons, and was also involved in the making of the third season. Despite the F1 2020 season being delayed and shortened due to the pandemic, Season 3 will include as many episodes as it had in its last two seasons, i.e, 10 episodes.

Review of Drive to Survive by Will Buxton

Will took to twitter to share a detailed review on the third season, and he had nothing but praises to sing.

“With the embargo lifted today on reviews for season 3 of Drive to Survive, I can honestly say it’s the best so far. The consistency across the series as a whole and the quality of the story telling is outstanding. The Mercedes and Ferrari episodes in particular are excellent.” he wrote.

“The Mercedes episode is incredibly heartfelt and human, with a real gut punch ending. The Ferrari episode is also brilliantly and unexpectedly candid as the team’s relationship with Sebastian deteriorates. A conversation between Seb and Christian Horner is a real wow moment, too.”, he continued, “The Racing Point saga is dealt with well, spread over a few episodes, and makes what was a complex situation manageable for a new audience without skirting too lightly for die hards. The second Red Bull seat and the Pierre / Alex storyline is also nicely handled.”

“And of course, there’s Romain’s accident, set amidst the swirling uncertainties at the end of the year.”

“The gravity and severity of the crash are tempered with some touching and at times humorous asides from Romain and Marion, which only serve to reinforce a racer’s humanity,” he said.

What does the third season of Drive to Survive have in store for us?

The storylines for Drive to Survive Season 3 haven’t been confirmed yet, but it’s likely that we’ll get a look at F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton’s seventh world title. Other highlights from the 2020 season include George Russel’s Mercedes debut and the new records that the Mercedes team set, Pierre Gasly and Sergio Perez’s maiden wins, etc.

The races are as usual going to be thrilling and along with the thrill, they will also be bringing in a lot of emotion.

You can stream Drive to Survive on Netflix on March 19!

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