Brooklyn Nine-Nine Being The Most ‘Woke’ Show There Is

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Being The Most ‘woke’ Show There Is

A sitcom with good humor, a creative storyline, perfect character developments, and free from common stereotypical norms? That’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine for you. The show has perfectly incorporated and talked about social issues that include feminism, racism, and homosexuality along with maintaining its humorous ground.

Toxic Masculinity? That doesn’t exist in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sergeant Terry Jeffords, a middle-aged, tall, and muscular man, who, contrary to his hardcore looks, is a complete softie at heart. He is caring, sensitive and a family man who absolutely loves his twin daughters. He loves to paint, illustrates books for his daughters, carries the entire team with care, and is a proud feminist. His personality is quite opposite to his looks of a stereotypical ‘macho man’.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles Boyle, along with the other male characters, is anything but an orthodox male representation. He is never afraid to show his emotions, wears his heart on his sleeves, has an undying passion for cooking, and can die for all his friends, literally.

                                                            Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles supporting gender neutrality since 2013.

Jake and Charles show us a beautiful friendship where they are both emotionally available for each other, contrary to the popular stereotypes that male friendships don’t include talking about each other’s emotions.   

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Jake Peralta is another feminist ally that we have on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. His character develops beautifully throughout the show where he is seen normalizing equality, calling out others for making sexist or homophobic comments, and also educating himself on feminism wherever he can.

                                                                                     Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Deals perfectly with homosexuality

Of course, many series represent the LGBTQ+ community in their storylines, but how often do they follow a non-stereotypical representation?

Captain Holt is a stern black male, who is anything but expressive with his emotions, a trait which is in contrast to the stereotypical belief of what gay men are like. Both he and his husband, Kevin are a loving couple who don’t conform to the stereotypical ‘feminine’ behavior in the show.

                                                                       Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine also follows the coming out story of Rosa Diaz in the fifth season, where she is shown full support from the precinct, and while her family isn’t accepting of her identity at first, they come around later on.

                                                                             Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Has a diverse cast

Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t lack diversity when it comes to casting the show. It has included two Black men and two Latina women in the major roles, which is quite remarkable when compared to other shows that definitely lack diversity in their cast.      

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Melissa Fumero and Stefanie Beatriz

As in the words of Jacob Peralta, “I’m happy to be here with my family. My super weird family with two black dads, and two Latina daughters, and two white sons and..Gina..”


Talks about social issues

This show is not only hilarious but also touches on various social issues. It has talked about the discrimination faced by black and female officers. It talks about the struggles of coming out and the acceptance that leads to it. In the sixth season of the series, an episode touching the subject of sexual harassment was also released. Despite the progressiveness in society, it’s still rare to see shows, especially sitcoms, that cover most social problems that people need to be made more aware of. 

Season 4, Episode 16
 Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Season 6. Episode 8

This series is one of the most unique TV series with very funny and relatable characters. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is addicting to watch as you fall in love with literally all the characters and their storylines. It has to be one of the most revolutionary sitcoms released on TV.  

                                                                         Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed, with season 8 set to be released sometime next year.

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