Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 is dropping on Netflix UK: Release Date and More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 is dropping on Netflix UK: Release Date and More

After a month of waiting, Netflix has finally announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be dropping on the streaming platform in less than two months. Much to the delight of all the ‘Nine-Nine’ fans, Netflix will be releasing season 7 on March 26!

For months, the streaming service has been flooded with questions from fans about when the sitcom will finally be available for a good binge-watching session.

Announcing the news on social media, Netflix wrote: “The best day of the year is when we can *actually* give you an answer when you ask where the next season of B99 is.

“Today is that day. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S7 comes to Netflix UK/IE on 26 March.”

Netflix later added, “Nice to see that, as tradition dictates, there are people asking for S8 already…”

We will be seeing the usual team of Andy Samberg, Melissa FumeroTerry Crews, Stephanie Beatriz, and Andre Braugher, as well as SNL star, Vanessa Bayer, who is joining as Officer Debbie Fogle.

What does season seven have in store for us?

Season six had ended with Hold being demoted from the Captain to a patrolman, and the seventh season will follow his adjustment to the demotion. The seventh season also follows Jake and Amy’s journey of trying for a baby, and there’s a new Captain in the precinct too (as Holt got demoted).

NBC had aired season seven of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ in the US from February to April 2020. The fans had been devastated when the sitcom was canceled by Fox after the fifth season, but luckily for us, NBC picked it up and has aired both, the sixth and seventh season. The eighth season is currently in production, but no date for the release of the show has been confirmed.

Andre Braugher, who plays Raymond Holt on the show, explained: “We’re going into an eighth season with a new challenge, which is that everyone’s knowledge and feelings about a police… have been profoundly affected.”

He continued: “What we have from Dan [Goor] is a commitment to write a smart show that will not attempt to hide in fantasy. So the Nine-Nine is going to have to deal with what we know about the New York Police Department.”

Seasons 1 to 6 is already available on Netflix for streaming!


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