BTS : “Abyss” by Jin gets its First Win

BTS : "Abyss" by Jin gets its First Win

Kim Seok Jin, a member of BTS recently released a solo track called “Abyss”. The track held alot of sentimental values and was more of a personal project intended to put his feelings into words and also comfort the armys who may be feeling the way he was. The song with its beautiful lyrics and soft sounds, won the hearts of armys and has been cherished ever since.

“Abyss” won King Choice’s poll for Hot 50 World Songs in January 2021 with almost 2 million upvotes. The hashtag @Abyss1stWin is trending worldwide as fans celebrate.

The song’s lighthearted ballad ambiance stands in stark contrast to its somber lyrics, which ponder inner demons and inconsolable anxiety. Perhaps it’s because of the raw lyrics, the poignant cover art, or the bottled synths – or a combination of all – but one does get the impression of being underwater, though not quite drowning while listening to “Abyss.” It’s light and airy, but it also weighs heavy.  We’re in limbo, in the abyss.

Kicking off with slightly distorted, echoed synth-pop waves and suave guitar strums, the instrumentation serves as the perfect base for Jin’s velvety vocals.

Armys had come up to vote on the poll, and of course with how big the fandom is, the song bagged first place. Jin had first dropped Abyss as an early birthday present back in December and had talked about the track during a VLIVE. He also released a letter.

Read the letter here:

“Hello, this is Jin.

Not long ago, during a press conference, I said this

“I don’t want to share my sad feelings with my fans. Because I want to show only good things.

But if it’s music, the story is different. I usually don’t want to share it with my actions, but I think it would be okay to show it as music.”

In fact, there was a big burnout recently, but I think it was because I had a lot of thoughts about myself.

I ranked #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 and received congratulations from many people. Can I receive this?

In fact, there are a lot of people who love music more and do better than me, but is it okay for me to receive this joy and celebration?

As I went deeper, it felt like I wanted to put it all down because it was hard.

After receiving counseling about this, I talked to Bang Pidi-nim, and he said, “Would you like to write this feeling in a song?”

What if I don’t have confidence to make it well and the result is not good, I have already come to a position where it should not be done.

That doesn’t matter to Bang Pidi. But if you do, you will surely do well, and he said he will find the right person for you.

That’s how I met the composer, Gye Beom-juhyeong, and now I talked about my feelings and many things.

He was a bright and positive person. My brother said he wanted to help me, and he brightened me up again with the positive power of saying, ‘Let’s write about a lot of anxieties~ If it doesn’t work, you can try again.’

After talking so many things, I made my feelings into a track on the spot as it is, and I wrote the stories I wanted to do with this, and Abyss was completed. I want to say thank you again to Gye Beom-ju.

It’s a bit depressing song that doesn’t fit on your birthday, but I think it’ll be ambiguous unless it’s a birthday, so Abyss was released.

Army, please listen carefully even if you are lacking.

Thank you, our leader, for writing the chorus lyrics.”

You can listen to Abyss on Soundcloud, (soundcloud.com/bangtan/2020ji)


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