BTS ‘BE ESSENTIAL EDITION’ : Notes Released By Every Member

BTS 'BE ESSENTIAL EDITION' : Notes Released By Every Member

BTS and Bighit announced an ‘Essential Edition’ to the BE album that released on 20th Nov last year. The album will soon be released and the pre-orders are underway. The members participated in the making process. Not just the songs, the production process, making, MV shooting, concept pictures, everything was handled by BTS.

BTS is all set to release the ‘BE (Essential Edition)’, a different version of their previously released EP ‘BE’. The Essential Edition will feature some surprise gifts for the BTS’ ARMY. The members have begun sharing snippets and notes about each song from their EP on their official Twitter account under the hashtag ‘Curated by BTS’.

BTS’ SUGA created a cozy room for the BTS ARMY in a pastel-illustration video. This marks the beginning of a new segment under the hashtag ‘Curated for ARMY’. BTS’ Suga is the first member to share a small surprise for their fans. Hyping up the release of ‘BE (Essential Edition)’, the members released notes of one song along with a video or photo. In the tweet, he shared a moving illustration of a comfort room that he made for the BTS’ ARMY. Read the tweet here:

Earlier, BTS’ Suga shared a raw version of their song ‘Telepathy’ from their latest EP ‘BE’. The track is a funky 80s inspired track and it is co-written by Suga, RM, and Jungkook. It speaks about the connection that one can feel regardless of the physical distance.

Jungkook’s notes for ‘Stay’ was a hot topic of discussion amongst the fans. Jungkook is the youngest member of the band and he has already shown great potential when it comes to composing or writing. Jungkook’s notes for ‘Stay’ are a heartfelt tribute to the song that was almost not included in the EP.

V’s notes are for the song Blue & Grey. In the 37 seconds video, Taehyung aka V is sitting with his pet Yeontan while writing notes on his phone. He appears to be thinking and he draws various figures on his phone while looking out of the window. In the background, the singer is singing the verse of the song that reads, “Where is my angel, At the end of the day, casting its shadow, Someone come and save me, please, is only the sign of the exhausting day, It seems like people are all happy. Can you look at me? Cause I am blue & grey. The meaning of my tears that are reflected in the mirror is the color that is hidden under my smile, blue & grey.”

BTS’ Fly To My Room Notes


The video shared by Big Hit Entertainment was a compilation of the small things people enjoyed before the pandemic. It includes short videos of flying in a flight, lazing around on a beach, listening to records on the gramophone, and even having a good time at the amusement park. Fly To My Room is the second track from BTS’ BE album.

Every member had their own little snippet and notes released one after the other. This is a new project and Armys are very excited to see the end result of whatever it is that BTS is planning.

The ‘BE (Essential Edition)’ is going to be released on February 19th. The fans are going to receive such tiny snippets and notes from the members, leading up to the release of the album. What surprises come along the way, will be a treat to watch!

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