BTS “BE LOG” March Schedule: BTS’s Daily Videos With Little Surprises To Be Released

BTS "BE LOG" March Schedule: BTS's Daily Videos With Little Surprises To Be Released

BTS recently revealed a timeline of events for something special they have prepared for ARMY. So not only do armys have the weekly run bts episodes and run behind the scenes to look forward to, they will be treated with an entire week of never-before-seen bts content.

V and RM’s log were released in these two days in which we saw both of them going about their normal routines, working on music, working out etc. The “BE Log ” Schedule Timeline features individual logs from each member and the dates of their log release.


The first member’s log , V, was released on March 2nd.


Yesterday, Nation’s winter bear aka Kim Taehyung shared a sweet BE-Log with ARMY via Bangtan TV. He shared the process of ideating and writing the song, Fly To My Room, his intense workout in the gym and some adorable, carefree moments where he is seen playing with dogs on the sets of their previous MV, Life Goes On.

He was followed by an RM log, with a release date of March 3rd.


Today Bangtan leader aka RM posted his own BE Log on Bangtan TV. He was seen working out with Blue and Grey in the background, a track from BE that received loads of praises for its deep lyrics and melody. Armys were shocked to see how much of a difference there was to RM’s body after just some months of working out.

The next member to get their log released is Jin on March 4th


followed by a Suga log on March 5th.


Jungkook‘s log is next and will be released March 6th.


Then the Jimin log on March 7th…


finally the J-Hope log, which will conclude the BE Logs on March 8th!


BTS soared to No. 1 on Billboard’s Artist 100, and their smash hit “Dynamite” reclaimed No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart, where “Inner Child” and “Life Goes On” maintained their respective positions at No. 11 and No. 28. Their other recent songs have managed to keep their place on the charts.

Additionally, “Dynamite” stayed strong at No. 50 on the Hot 100, Billboard’s weekly ranking of the most popular songs in the United States across all genres. Now in its 27th week on the chart, the long-running hit continues to extend its own record for the most weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 of any song by an all-Korean group.

All of this goes to show that the BE album has been nothing but a huge success, and continues to break records even today although its been more than 4 months its release. All these BE log will give us an insight into how they worked on the album, use their free time and also help armys understand their thoughts on the songs.

BTS’ content is like a daily dose of serotonin for ARMY and we look forward to all the content they put out every day!

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