BTS CONCERT MARATHON : Army Organises 16 Hour Livestream

BTS CONCERT MARATHON : Army Organises 16 Hour Livestream

BTS CONCERT MARATHON: BTS has grown to become multimillion-selling, stadium-filling superstars and they’re here for the long run. Even after an entire year of COVID 19 restrictions, a canceled world tour, and several plan changes, BTS came into 2021 with broken records, an even bigger fanbase, and three new albums. The group had organized two concert marathons in 2020 which broke the records for the highest number of live viewers and generated an insane amount of money. BANGBANGCON was a hit.

Similarly, a big ARMY account on Twitter, @btsaeso, organized a 16-hour concert Livestream along with replays for all Armys. They kept the entire thing free with multiple surprises in between concert DVDs and songs.

AESOCON poster made by @/btsaeso

The marathon was named AESOCON after the army’s Twitter handle. Multiple trends could be seen on the trending page but #AESOCON was trending worldwide at #9 and even higher in some countries.

The group has songs from almost every genre, and their discography is absolutely impeccable, and its no wonder that they attract listeners from all over the world, and from every age group and community. Of course, it is not just BTS’s music that reels in people, it’s also the message behind these songs, the layered lyrics, and their unique (and very powerful) but humble personalities. They perform each song from the start of the concert to the end with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm. Just watching them on stage, it’s quite obvious how much they genuinely love performing.

ARMYs are organized chaos. It is often joked that they could easily run a country as the fanbase, mostly active on Twitter, has created their own tutoring society, funding organization, BTS theories society, voting and translation organization, ARMY research and press organization and so much more. Western artists have even openly joked about being jealous of BTS’s fanbase for constantly securing for them every award, every YouTube and social media record, etc.

During the 16-hour concert marathon, armys kept watching the Livestream together, tweeted clips and memorable memories from concerts they attended, and simultaneously celebrated 8 years of SUGA and AGUST D.

There’s something new going on on army stand Twitter every single day and no moment is ever dull. And since BTS seems to always know what’s going on in their fanbase, it won’t be a surprise if they themselves tune into the AESOCON marathon!

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