BTS: First Jeon Jungkook Vlive in 2 Years: 13.5 Million Real-Time Viewers


Jeon Jungkook from BTS was the talk of the town with his surprise VLive followed by his statements on his upcoming mixtape, dubbed JJK1, on Saturday.

Jungkook took the internet by storm over the weekend for numerous reasons. The Bangtan Boy surprised fans by hosting an impromptu VLive on Saturday afternoon. His last vlive was over two years ago and fans were not expecting to see him live since he’s not very comfortable or free for vlives. Recently he posted a picture of his blue hair- again, something that no one was expecting since Jungkook did not coloour his hair to anything other than brown or black for the past few years. But he’s been experimenting alot recently and fans are happy about it. He was seen flaunting his blue hair during the live chat. He began the live by greeting fans and revealed he has been working out lately since summer is coming. Many fans approved of his changing hair colour while a few wondered why he was switching it up so often recently. Armys speculate it might have something to do with a new album or even his own mixtape.

Jungkook then began singing At My Worst, by Pink Sweat$ and then Fix You by Coldplay. The singer, who recently joined his fellow BTS members to perform the Coldplay song cover at the MTV Unplugged, sang a few lines from the song during the live session. During the chat, he also sang Who , a song that he and jimin had collabed on with famous singer Lauv, followed by his 2020 track Still With You. Amid jungkook ‘s impromptu singing sessions, he enjoyed a meal with fans, showing off a slice of heart-shaped duck meat.

The BTS singer’s live session raked in 13.5 million viewers in just a span of 45 minutes. The viewership led to Jungkook’s VLive becoming the most viewed V-live in real-time in the history of the platform. This is particularly impressive since the vlive was not planned at all and was started at an unusual time. He is only the only person two have 3 tweets that have more than 3 million likes on twitter. He was also crowned as the most influential person on Instagram, even though he’s not even on that app.

The chat was soon followed by BTS releasing the ‘BE-hind Story’ Interview. The video began with Jungkook interviewing Jin. During the chat, Jungkook asked the Moon singer about a number of things including his December 2020 track Abyss by Jin. The video then moved on to J-Hope interviewing Jungkook.

It was during the chat that Jungkook revealed his plans for his mixtape. He recalled the making of Stay and reminded fans that he wanted it to be a part of his mixtape. “I was going to release ‘Stay’ as the last track, the fan song for my mixtape but it fit really well with the “BE” album so it was included in the album. The song “Still With You” is about the time when our group and I were going through rough times. It was close to my heart so I could express it easily,” he said. The singer revealed that he finished Stay within a day and was later polished by RM. Jungkook then revealed he wants to release his mixtape. “I want to release a mixtape like this: There are three main tracks in total and they all have MV of their own and they each have their own choreography but in different styles,” he said.

This got everyone really excited, just imagining three different music videos that will probably be directed by jungkook himself. His Golden Closet Films are cinematic masterpieces and so we know how good he is with recording.

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