“BTS’ Global Impact Is No Joke”: BTS and Army comfort each other, Chart BTS discography and call out ‘Scammys’

"BTS' Global Impact Is No Joke": BTS and Army comfort each other, Chart BTS discography and call out 'Scammys'

The Grammys 2021: Everyone’s favourite, BTS fails to win Grammy for the only nomination they had this year under best pop duo/group performance, and their Army is not pleased

BTS at Grammys 2021 Red Carpet: Fans Calls it Scammys

“BTS’ Global Impact Is No Joke”: BTS at Grammys 2021

The Grammys have already gotten quite a lot of hate and have been under fire this year for not nominating The Weeknd, whose 2020 album After Hours became the first since Drake’s Scorpion (2018) to spend four consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard 200. He’s boycotting tonight’s award show along with Justin Bieber. People were also not happy about how Bruno Mars was not asked to perform.

Another thing everyone is in a rage about is the fact that the Grammys had done a lot of promotion for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, even more than the main categories and they kept edging on Armys and BTS on Twitter, making them think they had a real chance of a fair win.

BTS and Army comfort each other

BTS took to Twitter and shared the moment that they learned they did not win the Grammys. The group was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Dynamite but Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s Rain On Me took home the trophy. Following the announcement of their loss, BTS has been extremely active on social media, attempting to cheer the disappointed fandom, ARMY.

Like the protective fandom they are, ARMYs did not lose a second to trend #SetTheNighAlightBTS and #BTSOurGreatestPrize in response to the Grammy snub, creating a safe space of appreciation for BTS and ARMY alike. Even the big names in the music industry came on to say that BTS did not lose the Grammy, the Grammy lost BTS and ARMYs, as was made clear by the hashtag #Scammys. It is especially disconcerting, considering the enormous amount of advertisement that was carried out in BTS’ name. It is disheartening that worldwide stars such as BTS, the Weeknd and Bruno Mars were snubbed, most probably because they are people of color.

Dynamite’s numbers were the highest throughout all the columns that were going to be judged. It broke more than 75 records in the first few weeks after its release and has 56 awards for just that one song. They have also performed Dynamite 33 different times with different stages and on respectable shows and stages, whereas Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga performed Rain on me just once.

Armys trended the tags to appreciate BTS and also charted bts’ discography. within the hour, bts’ old albums were back on the charts, increasing in numbers rapidly. Also, right after the grammys had snubbed bts, their views went from 1.2 million to 500k, showing that most of the viewers were there only for bts.

They took various platforms like Weverse, Twitter and also hosted a short VLive where they interacted with the fans and assured them they would work harder in the coming year. Singer Jin took to Weverse and wrote, “Army saranghae i love you.” Rapper J-Hope followed the same and wrote, “Army saranghae i love you.”

Grammys 2021: Reaction from BTS team

Suga said, “Let’s run/work even harder this year!” while BTS leader RM said, “army is the best !!!!” Jungkook wrote, “Thank you all for being together with us in each and every moment, and… I will be sure to give back to you all of the love and messages of support you’ve given/sent us,” as translated by fans, before sharing a selfie. The boys kept talking about how they will work harder, although armys knew that they are already giving us hits after hits with utmost dedication and hard work

After the ceremony ended, BTS hosted a VLive which lasted about 20 minutes. V revealed that ahead of the winner announcement of their category, the internet connection weakened, and Jin thought they were being pranked. They talked about their performance, the fact that they’ll be ready with better music next year and kept praising armys all the while.

BTS also posted their live reaction to the results. Although they were sad, they cheered for Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga and thanked their fans for being so amazing as to have them nominated at all.

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