BTS Hoodies For Girls : Where To Buy The Best BTS Merchandise In India

BTS Hoodies For Girls : Where To Buy The Best BTS Merchandise In India

BTS and their growth are truly unmatched. Their fanbase size doubles every year, sometimes even in half a year after a successful comeback. The most notable growth has been seen in India. The ever-growing BTS Indian fanbase keeps breaking records and defying expectations all the time. From having a few thousand fans in major cities and the northeastern states to more than 11 million fans in October 2020, BTS has once again proved their music has no boundaries and music has no language.

From selling out tickets for BTS movies in under 2 minutes to recording over 8 million YouTube likes on their hit song, DYNAMITE, Indian Armys now have everyone’s attention and respect. They have also regularly organized donation drives for calamity struck places like Assam during the floods and even helped out during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Obviously, since BTS has a lot of fans in India now, the demand for BTS merchandise is also steadily increasing. So here’s a list of reliable and affordable sites/apps/places, you can get BTS merchandise and clothing from.



Of course, Amazon is the fastest and easiest way to get anything you want, including a BTS hoodie. And not only that, Amazon has been adding a lot of BTS merchandise since the last year or so. You can find BTS albums, clothing, phone covers, posters, keychains, lightsticks, notebooks, and so much more all on the Amazon site. New items are added regularly and almost all of them have a COD option. BTS clothing, in particular, such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and matching sets are pretty affordable.

Find BTS Hoodies on Amazon  Here

More BTS merch  Here


This site delivers almost anywhere and is the most reliable site when it comes to buying official merchandise such as albums and BTS themed clothing. Shipping costs less than other sites and the delivery is always done within a week. Sales from this site also count towards official charts like Billboard.

Find BTS merch  Here 


This is another place where you can easily find whatever BTS merchandise you’re looking for, although it’s mostly stocked up on BTS hoodies and sweatshirts. Flipkart also has them available for affordable prices and gets them delivered quickly.

Buy BTS hoodie  Here



This is an official BTS app and site that has all the latest merchandise releases. It also released some amazing hoodies that go with their song themes such as black swan and ON. They ship everywhere and although shipping costs a bit more than the local sites, there is some merchandise that you cannot get anywhere else.


You can also try buying from KPOPMART, AliExpress, and shops set up by Armys on Twitter and Instagram. Armys have local shops set up and sell BTS merchandise for lower costs to those who cannot afford expensive merchandise.

BTS shop for Indian Armys  Here


Indian Armys hope to see actual shops in India soon!

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