BTS in India : Samsung giving out free BTS Photocards in India

BTS in India : Samsung giving out free BTS Photocards in India

BTS in India: In the past year, Indian Armys have been getting surprises from BTS that may have pushed their hopes up about a possible BTS concert here in India. BTS has always talked about how they want to visit their fans in all corners of the world, and have mentioned several times how much they love Indian food and have also acknowledged the size of their fanbase in India.

BTS had an entire segment on NDTV a few months back, a whole interview with Indian host, Rohit Khilnani. BTS also launched purple variants of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and later,  a purple phone! Samsung has launched the purple Galaxy S20 Plus 5G BTS edition. Both the smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Buds that come with it feature purple accents all over.

And now, Samsung is giving out FREE BTS photocards in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Indian Armys have been going to every mall rumored to have these photocards, and within a day most of them have actually already sold out. Several Samsung store owners and workers have joked about how when they pick up the phone now, the first thing they say is “if you’re going to ask about the BTS photocards, they’re already sold out”.

Many Armys have been tweeting about how they should switch to Samsung since BTS has been working with them continuously and of course, Samsung couldn’t be happier!

In other countries, you can only get the photocards if you buy the BTS phone or other Samsung products, so basically, every army in the world right now is wishing they were in India. If you want to get some too, try contacting the mall in your area! if you’re in Delhi, head over the SELECT CITYWALK or VEGAS MALL in Dwarka!

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