BTS’ Jhope Dominates Twitter Trends Once Again: Hope On The Street and trends #1 worldwide

bts jhope trends on twitter

BTS’ main dancer and rapper Jhope took over the worldwide Twitter Trends after dropping “Hope on the street” once again. The Kpop sensation caused a big stir as this time he covered hip hop dances from the 90s. Here’s what Jhope released, read on to know more.

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BTS Jhope: Hope on the street

On July 25, j-hope returned with ‘Hope on the Street’ which was unveiled at HYBE’s dance studio and caused quite a stir. She has shown her amazing dance style in the 90s of hip-hop and boyband. He later exhibited his current studio, HOPEWORLD Studio, in the new HYBE building.

He also assured you that you will work to produce new music and that you want to try new and “dark” styles.

Hobi also showed off with his charms on vlive. He brought his followers to the bathroom, so he was not alone when he washed his hands. He was also afraid to turn off the electricity in the dark studio and played BTS ” Dance Permit ‘so he wouldn’t feel too scared!

Fans celebrated vlive and ‘The Hope on the Street’s return by trending j-hope at no. 1 worldwide under ‘Hobi’ and no. 2 with his real name ‘Hoseok.’

Some keywords are at the top of the list; This includes his stage name ‘j-hope,’ the name of the vlive ‘Hope On The Street’ series, and j-hope music artists played during the show, including ‘Back Street Boys’ and ‘Westlife.’ Although it is very late in most Asian countries, j-hope has garnered 6.4 million viewers and now has the second most vlive number of comments.

‘Hope On The Street’ is popular among fans who like to see the j-hope dance in his element, so this vlive was eagerly awaited and highly anticipated! With the promise by Hoseok, fans hope that he will be back with a new one soon!

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