BTS’ Jimin Makes Products He Was Seen Wearing Sell Out Once Again: What Did The Singer Wear That Caused Such a Stir?


Jimin of BTS holds first place in the production level of each boy band member for 31 consecutive months, with 33 months in total. This rating provides an estimate of how an artist can be sold in South Korea, depending on how the public perceives the image. High-quality images on this scale are often the most popular when it comes to collaboration, sponsorship, or any type of business deal, as they are considered the most important and profitable business. Jimin has now driven products to sell out once again after wearing certain things. Read on to know more.

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As a result, Jimin as a product is considered to be a powerful and influential person with a high economic impact, as evidenced by the many instances where items such as clothing or accessories appear to be worn out of stock in a short period of time. This past week saw the same ‘Jimin Effect’ in various things.

On July 24, BTS appeared on SBS 8 O’clock news after they hit the Billboard HOT 100 chart with their latest song, ‘Permission to Dance.’ The group had previously included the same chart for 7 consecutive weeks with ‘Butter’ and as a result, had recently replaced it. In doing so, BTS became the first team in more than a decade to regain its original position, starting with the Black Eyed Peas in 2009, and overall the first action since Drake in 2018.

During the conversation, Jimin wore a FIORE Spin Balloon Heart Necklace emblazoned with ‘Army,’ and earrings of Heradi Wave 060, to complement his look. The necklace was going to cost $ 94, and the earrings were worth $ 72. Shortly after the team’s appearance in the game, the necklace Jimin wore was immediately sold on an online website and still attracts orders.

In fact, the brand made a post on August 6, saying the item was finished and they would try to do it again as soon as possible. They also warn consumers about service delivery opportunities due to the large volume of orders they receive. On the other hand, the HERADI brand currently has pictures of Jimin wearing ‘WAVE 060’ earrings on the official website, and the price of earrings has increased to $ 76.36 from $ 72 ago.

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