BTS’s Jin announced as one of the judges for Maple Story’s first character design contest: Netizens react

bts jin to be the judge on a contest

BTS’ Jin has now been announced as one of the judges for Maple Story’s first character design contest. This is a major achievement for the ones interested in the gaming world.

Maple story, a very popular and loved game site, announced the introduction and contest for their first ever “golden hand” character design. When the site released the names of the judges for the contest, netizens and mostly gaming ARMY could not believe what they were reading when they saw BTS‘ Jin’s name there.

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BTS’ Jin’s Dynamite TinyTAN Character made an appearance

When the official announcement was made, Jin’s “Dynamite” TinyTAN character was seen with the title ‘Maple warrior Kim Suk Jin’ . Exactly what fans expect Jin to say, the description of the TinyTan character read, “As I am handsome, I will select a design that is cute and pretty just like my face.”

“[Maple Warrior Kim Suk Jin Resume]

Maple warrior with 18 years of experience

experienced user who released the ‘black swan’

World Wide Handsome”

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Jin’s love for Maple story was revealed in one of his Vlive videos when he said, “I am 27 years old now, and I started [playing Maple Story] when I was 12 years old in 5th grade elementary school.”

He also told fans about a very hilarious incident in one of his very famous vlive about his aunt when she gave him some allowance money. “I was at a family gathering with my aunt and a few of my cousins. My aunt suddenly began to hand out allowance money to all of my cousins. X amount to who, X amount to who, and she even gave some to my brother. Then, she looked straight at me [and hesitated for a bit], before saying, ‘Okay…you too…I guess…allowance for you too’ and gave me some allowance money too. I was so thankful. I will save it well and use it when I cash in on Maple Story.” Turns out Jin really is a Maple Story fan after all.

BTS’ Jin also posted a picture of himself holding Maple Story characters on the group’s official Twitter account.

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