BTS Meal Review: Watch celebrities try the new BTSxMcdonalds Meal and share their views

Celebs review the bts meal

Kpop sensation BTS recently collaborated with another well known global brand, and this time they chose the international fast food chain McDonalds. The group has collaborated with various established brands from all over the world and have been global ambassadors for some. For their project with BTS, McDonalds have changed their outlet color to purple, just like the color of the meal they came up with.

McDonalds paid 8.98 million dollars to BTS

McDonald’s has invested around 8.98 million dollars in the BTS by paying this huge amount of 10 billion won to BTS. With this collaboration, not only McDonalds introduced new meals but BTS rolled out their limited edition socks and robes along with special edition photo cards. This merch is a cherry on top of the beautiful and scrumptious BTS meal. the meal is different content-wise in different countries but the standard meal includes 10 piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, a beverage of choice, and two hand-picked dips/sauces from Korean taste: Cajun and Sweet chili.

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The countries who are able to access this meal through the outlets are paying for the meal, even cherishing the purple packaging but the sauces are being sold on Ebay for two times the price in areas that are unable to access the meal.

Celebrities and Youtubers Review The BTS Meal

A lot of celebrities participated in this run for the BTS meal and even made YouTube videos reviewing the meal. Here’s a selection of some of the artists and celebs who tried out the BTS meal and gave their honest opinions.

The BTS Meal: Report of The Week

American YouTube personality John Jurasek through his channel “Report of the week” made a video of him reviewing the BTS Meal. Also known as Reviewbrah, he is a host, a food critic and a double million subscribed artist, he reviews frozen food, fast food and energy drinks. Watch his review the BTS meal below.

The BTS Meal: Buzz Feed Video

Buzzfeed is a TV program channel on YouTube with various sub channels for different content. They always share extremely shareable videos and the cast includes Ryan Bergara, Auri Jackson, Ashley Perez and Zack Evans.

The BTS Meal: Tablo Of Epik High

Tablo is the member of the Korean Hip Hop band Epik High. He is a Korean Canadian hip hop recording artist, lyricist, composer and record producer. The 40 year old made a video of him reviewing the BTS meal, saing that is is his first and only meal of the day.


Nikocado Avocado is a Ukraine born American YouTube Mukkbanger know for his various viral videos. He has amassed over 540 million views on his videos in total so far. He made a YouTube video trying the BTS meal and as expected the video was simply hilarious. He along with his boyfriend actually ordered a lot of BTS meals. Watch!

A very heartwarming side to this came up when the fans in Malaysia donated and delivered 200 BTS meals to COVID-19 workers and child patients throughout the country. Check out the pictures from this donation drive,

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