BTS MIXTAPES : Are JJK1, KTH1 and Hixtape finally coming out in 2021

BTS MIXTAPES : Are JJK1, KTH1 and Hixtape finally coming out in 2021

BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, the international boy group has often dropped mixtapes and albums out of nowhere. One of the members, SUGA, spoke about his second mixtape (D-2)not being ready but then 2 days later, dropped the teaser for his mixtape that then came out in the same week. And no matter how much of a sudden shock their releases are, their music ALWAYS tops the charts.

BTS MIXTAPES : Are JJK1, KTH1 and Hixtape finally coming out in 2021?
v- jhope- jungkook posing for a selfie after their concert

There are speculations about mixtapes of two other members, V (Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook coming out this year. Both of them have released some songs, that were originally made for their mixtapes, in recent albums such as BE and MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 THE JOURNEY. Another member, J-HOPE (Jung Hoseok) may also release his second mixtape. Here are all the recent information and hints that BTS fans, Armys, have gathered!

“JJK1” – Jungkook’s Mixtape

JJK1 is the name fans have given to Jungkooks much-awaited mixtape. He posted a short clip of a song from his mixtape called DECALCOLMANIA, around August 31 2019 which everyone instantly fell in love with. The song was in English, the lyrics sad and soft, and his voice- absolutely mesmerizing.

Three of his songs, “Still With You” , “Your Eyes Tell” and ‘Stay” that was originally planned to be in his mixtape, were released in recent albums. Not only were these songs major hits, but they also gave fans an insight into the overall vie of the highly anticipated mixtape. But Jungkook always tends to surprise fans with new kinds of music and ideas so it better now believes everything people speculate.

A few days ago, Apple Music updated Jungkook’s profile and even added his cover of 1000 Hours to the account. Fans took it as a sign of his mixtape coming out very soon, but it was later discovered that it was a case of hacking on someone else’s part. Armys emailed BTS’s signed Label BigHit Entertainment and the issue was instantly resolved. Jungkook’s Apple Music account made changed back to how it was before.

Ever since his 23rd birthday (okay, actually way before that), Jungkook has been serving looks and surprising fans with new hairstyles, a full tattoo sleeve, vlives, and steamy dance performances. On many occasions, he has mentioned his mixtape and said he hopes to release it soon but only when he’s completely happy with it.



KTH1 – Taehyung (V) ‘s Mixtape

Everyone is pretty sure that V’s mixtape is gonna be the earliest to arrive this year. In a recent VLIVE, he mischievously played a few seconds of ALL the songs from his mixtape, all the while innocently smiling at the staff around him as they got worried. A song from his mixtape that was instead released in their most recent album BE is called “Blue&Grey”. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful songs BTS has released and its lyrics seemed to hit home for everyone. A snippet of the song was also played in one of the episodes of their show, IN THE SOOP.


HIXTAPE 2 – J-Hope’s Mixtape


J-Hope mentioned his second mixtape a few days ago during a fun episode of RUN BTS. There’s no other news regarding Hixtape, the name given to it by Armys, but everyone is already pumped for it. His first mixtape ‘HOPE WORLD” was and always will be a huge hit with a list of bops and funky vibes.

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