ARMY Confession Time: BTS fans share funny stories about their introduction to the band

ARMY confession Time: Using the hashtag, #ARMYConfessionTime’, BTS fans, ARMY, are sharing the misconceptions they had when they first started following the Korean boy band, and how long it took them to realize the truth and how.

Why hashtag is trending

A few years back, not many were aware of the Korean boy band BTS. However, ever since the release of their album WINGS in 2016, BTS has become a global phenomenon. Their popularity is unmatched and their ARMY fanbase has steadily grown into an actual army of millions of followers worldwide. The number of fans doubles after every new album! And with so many fans from different eras, it’s always fun to bring out memories and share confessions about funny misconceptions. Twitter saw #ARMYConfessionTime on its trending list with over 144K tweets in just the first hours.

How hashtag is trending

Every other day BTS’ Army loves to make them a top trend, which only takes a few minutes due to the huge size of the fandom. It’s also a common fact that Twitter actually has to remove BTS tags all the time because Army is continuously unintentionally trending BTS words. And that’s what they are doing right now as you read this. Army has begun confessions for BTS, some of them about what they wish to see in the future, others shared embarrassing and relatable confessions about their initial thoughts about the band and the bandmates. While most are hilarious and dumb, some are really interesting and relatable.

There are a few people who have been talking about how they couldn’t differentiate between the BTS members. others confessed that they kept confusing the names every time their hair color changed. BTS boys have many nicknames, some are given by the ARMY while some are their former names, so its always abit confusing for new fans. BTS’s Suga aka Min Yoongi aka AgusrD has been one of the most talked-about BTS boys during the #ArmyConfessionTime on Twitter. A fan tweeted out saying that he/she would think Suga, AgustD and Yoongi were all different people. Similarly, people thought V and Kim Taehyung were two different bandmates.

Since BTS has alot of different content and social media apps to connent with their fans, alot of new army believed that bts personally messaged their fans (Although Jungkook HAS created groupchats with army a few times). Other confessions such as army thinking Magic Shop is a real place for army to visit, and that the VLIVE app actually belongs to BTS member V etc.

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