BTS Army Make #OurBoyEdSheeran Trend On Twitter Once Again Right After BTS’ Interview With Sakshama Srivastava

ourboyedsheeran trends on twitter

Kpop Boyband BTS were seen in an exclusive 18 minute interview with Indian Talk Show Host Sakshama Srivastava yesterday. The interview was a very fun filled conversation where both BTS and Sakshama interacted freely and appropriately. BTS talked about their past, their present achievements and their future plans. They talked about various things they are usually not asked regarding their inspiration or how they deal with social media and the expectations fans have from them.

The zoom call took place yesterday on 5th June 2021, and was broadcasted on Times Now, Times Now World and was later telecasted on various channels like Movies Now, MNX, MN+ and Romedy Now.

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Watch the exclusive interview below:

#OurBoyEdSheeran Trends On Twitter After the BTS Interview

During the interview, BTS were seen at ease and very comfortable with Sakshama as she was very appropriate with the questions and even asked if they are okay with answering them. She even made them say a very cute Hindi line at the end of the interview which translates to “Indian army you live in our hearts”, only after she confirmed that BTS were okay with saying it.

The hashtag started dominating the charts right after the interview as BTS were supposedly “Flirting” with the interviewer and the fans are retaliating by making Ed Sheeran their “OPPA”, something girls call older men they like in Korea. This hilarious trend sent a sea of hilarious tweets flowing in. While Jungkook was seen cutely blushing and touching his ears when Sakshama Said “Jungkook, I love your hair.”

Have a look at Some of these hilarious tweets:

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