BTS’ Butter: BTS drops a SURPRISE announcement of their new single “Butter”: ARMY REACTS on Twitter

bts ready for comeback?

BTS’ Butter: BTS is all set for a comeback! On April 26, at around 7:30 pm IST, BTS dropped a live, ASMR-style animation video on their official YouTube channel. In the video, you could see a huge slice of Butter in a bright yellow shade with BTS’ official logo imprinted on that. The entire video was wordless just accompanied by ASMR-style sounds you typically hear in the kitchen.

BTS' Second English-Language Single, Butter,' Due on May 21 - Variety

BTS’ Butter?

ARMY began speculating wondering what this was about. Keywords like ‘What’s Melting’ and ‘ASMR’ took over top Twitter keywords. Some fans speculated that this is related to their collaboration with the fast-food giant, McDonald’s. However, as soon as the timer went off on the video, it was revealed that BTS’ new single is titled Butter and is due to release on May 21st at 1 pm KST (9:30 am IST). Shortly after the announcement, HYBE took to Weverse to confirm the release of BTS’ new digital single. In their statement, they shared that ‘Brimming with the inimitable charm of BTS, Butter will melt its way into the hearts of all ARMY.’ 

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They shared that Butter will be available digitally across International streaming platforms and physical copies will be available for fans worldwide too. They thanked ARMY for their continued love and support throughout and hope that fans shower the sometimes smooth and sometimes charismatic enchantment of BTS’s newest single Butter.

“Butter” is a dance-pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS. This song is the second English single following “Dynamite” released in August last year.

Most recently, BTS has become the first Korean pop act to be nominated at the GRAMMY Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. They have also earned a nod for this year’s BRIT Awards for International Group.

Most recently, BTS became the first Korean pop group to be nominated at the Grammy Awards for best pop duo/group performance. Last month, they spoke to USA TODAY about their historic nomination for their chart-topping English-language hit, “Dynamite.”

“We’re still figuring out what to make of it. But we do know this is a great honor and we’re deeply thankful. We’re trying our best to deliver a great performance to return all the support we received from our fans,” Jimin said via an interpreter.

“Butter” is BTS’s latest single launch of 2021, and it is likely the start of something special. The band recently dropped a new cut titled “Film Out,” which became a global hit just a few weeks ago. That tune, which is performed in Japanese (a fact which helped it make history in a number of ways when it arrived on charts in a number of territories), serves as the first promotional release from their upcoming compilation BTS, the Best. That title, which is coming in June, sees the band gathering all of their biggest Japanese-language hits in one place for fans to enjoy.

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ARMYS React to BTS’ Butter

Here’s some of the reactions we saw after the butter melting video was dropped.

The BTS Meal

McDonald’s has announced a new BTS meal, in collaboration with the seven-member K-Pop band. K-Pop sensation BTS is a well-known name in the music industry today. The 7-member band has a raging fan following across the globe. Their latest superhit track includes ‘Dynamite’, which shattered a number of records within a day of its release in 2020. And now, they are planning to launch a brand new meal to take their stardom to the next level. Fast-food giant McDonald’s took everyone by surprise by announcing a collaboration with the Korean stars. The ‘BTS meal’ was announced by the burger joint on Twitter, and fans could not keep calm.

What will the BTS meal include?

McDonald’s Corp.  took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce the upcoming BTS meal, a menu collaboration with the Grammy-nominated boy band. The meal will include a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, which are inspired by the McDonald’s menu in South Korea, a medium-sized Coca-Cola and medium-sized French fries.

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