BTS Nominated for Top Social Artist at the Billboard music awards 2021 : Here’s how and where to vote for BTS at the BBMAs this year

how to vote for bts at the bbma

Fan voting for Billboard Music Awards 2021 has started. Many are curious to know how they can vote for BTS. Here’s how to vote in BBMA this year. Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) has opened two fan-voted categories for this year’s award show on Monday, May 10.


The categories for which the fans will be able to vote this year will be, Top Collaboration and Top Social Artist. Voting for these categories started at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT. Ever since fan voting began, many are curious to know how to vote for BTS in Billboard Music Awards 2021, as the Kpop band is nominated in one of the categories.

The septet will be competing against the biggest names in the international music scene for the “Top Social Artist” category. The other nominees are South Korean hitmakers Blackpink, Seventeen, and Grammy awardee Ariana Grande.

The current title holder is septet BTS, who have won the award and bested other Western artists since 2017. The “Top Social Artist” award is among the top three fan-voted categories at the international awards show.

Who can vote and how

Voting members can vote in up to 15 categories in which they have the expertise- as well as in each of the all-genre BIG FOUR categories, namely Song of the year, a record of the year, Album of the year, and Best New Artist.

Votes are tabulated by the accounting firm Deloitte and the results are sent to the Recording Academy’s nomination review committees. These committees dicuss the top 15 vote-getters or 20 in the BIG FOUR categories from the first round of ballots and decide the final nominations themselves.

Decisions were made based upon votes

The ‘Theory’ is that they spend a day or two listening to everything more objective. They’re going to be less swayed by sentimentality, by name, and power of the artists. After the nominations are settled, another round of ballots is drawn up for Recording Academy voting members. Once those votes are cast, they are again tabulated by Deloitte.

The Recording Academy finds out the results along with the rest of us, when the winners are announced on the GRAMMYS night.


As mentioned earlier fans can vote for BTS or any other artist/group in Billboard Music Awards 2021 by two methods. They can either vote for their favourite artists on Twitter or on billboard.com/BBMAsVote. 

Those who choose to vote on Twitter for the ‘Top Collaboration” category must include #BBMAsTopCollab + Collaboration Song Name in a tweet. 

To vote for the “Top Social Artists” category on Twitter, fans must include #BBMAsTopSocial + @FinalistTwitterHandle in the tweet. Another important thing to note this that Billboard has mentioned that the Twitter votes must be from public accounts.

Also, note that fans can vote only for one finalist and one category at a time. Furthermore, a re-tweet of a valid vote from a public account will also be counted as a vote, but it will be subject to daily vote limits.  Fans can vote up to 10 times per day for each category, on each platform. According to billboard.com/bbmasvote voting will close on Friday, May 21 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT. The BBMAs 2021 will be hosted on Sunday, May 23. 

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