BTS OST/MV ‘Film Out’ and new Japanese album ‘BTS, The Best’ release dates, 23 tracks and 56 photocards

BTS OST/MV 'Film Out' and new Japanese album 'BTS, The Best' release dates, 23 tracks and 56 photocards

BTS announced on Thursday (March 25) via their official Japanese fan club that their next Japanese album is on the way with 23 tracks. “Film Out” was written along with J-pop band Back Number, and will appear as the ending theme in the upcoming Japanese movie SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, also due on April 2.

BTS OST/MV 'Film Out' and new Japanese album 'BTS, The Best' release dates, 23 tracks and 56 photocards
BTS OST/MV ‘Film Out’. Releasing on April 2, 2021

Pop group BTS have been named the best-selling artists of 2020 by the IFPI, the organization that represents the global recorded music industry. They released two chart-topping albums in 2020 – Map of the Soul: 7 and Be, and actually beat Taylor Swift, the former winner. They are the first non-Western act to win with non-English songs! The award is calculated according to an artist or group’s worldwide sales, downloads and streams, basically covering their entire body of work, its influence and reach etc.

Release date of THE BEST album by BTS

The group’s new album BTS, The Best will be released on June 16, and a new song, “Film Out,” will arrive on April 2. The album is set to have 23 tracks, all in Japanese, and will include some of the best songs BTS has put out in the last 8 years of their career, including ‘ON’, ‘Fake Love’, ‘Spring Day’, Best of Me’ and ‘Black Swan.’

The album consists of 7 versions, 56 photocards (armys are going crazy over this, we all know they are obsessed with photocards), 3 music videos and 23 Japanese tracks!


In the teaser, Jungkook is seen standing in the middle of an empty room with furniture covered with white sheets, which gives us ‘Fake Love MV’ vibes as the scene is similar in the vibe and visual. Filmed in a movie trailer style, the members seem to foreshadow an event, perhaps even a sad one, as we can see V and Jin looking worried. Film Out is explained to be “A ballad with beautiful melody thinking about the person who is not erased in your heart “. The description gives us a melancholic vibe and armys are hoping it to be like their beautiful ballad ‘Spring Day’.

Armys believe that a mixtape will be released a month before the album as BTS has often done so before their previous albums. Maybe we will finally get jjk1 or even v’s mixtape, kth1. We all know BTS write, produce, compose and even direct (sometimes) their own songs, so a Japanese single of their own making will be on the charts!

BTS got a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with an English single, DYNAMITE, another #1 with a Korean song LIFE GOES ON and they might get another #1 with a Japanese song this time! They also hit #1 with their collab song with Jason Derulo, Savage Love.

Check out the track list for BTS, The Best, Including Film Out

M1. Film out
M2. DNA -Japanese ver.-
M3. Best Of Me -Japanese ver.-
M4. Lights
M5. Blood, sweat, tears -Japanese ver.-
M6. FAKE LOVE -Japanese ver.-
M7. Black Swan -Japanese ver.-
M8. Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-
M9. Go Go -Japanese ver.-
M10. IDOL -Japanese ver.-
M11. Dionysus -Japanese ver.-
M12. MIC Drop -Japanese ver.-

-Bonus Track-
M13. Dynamite

M1. Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-
M2. Stay Gold
M3. Let Go
M4. Spring Day -Japanese ver.-
M5. ON -Japanese ver.-
M6. Don’t Leave Me
M7. Not Today -Japanese ver.-
M8. Make It Right -Japanese ver.-
M9. Your eyes tell
M10. Crystal Snow

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