Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung : How to wish BTS V a Perfect Birthday

Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung : How to wish BTS V a Perfect Birthday?

Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung : 7 times a year, twitter is completely overtaken by the fans of BTS aka ARMY, for each of the members birthdays.

Tomorrow, 30th December happens to be member V’s birthday and armys are already revealing huge projects one after the other, including a birthday tribute to V on Burj Khalifa! The members birthdays are celebrated with charity projects, letters being sent to the birthday boy, trending more than 15 hashtags on twitter and of course, tons of music streaming and winning awards.

Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung

BTS V Birthday Wishes

BTS’s fanbase in India has tripled in the past year, which means Desimys (the bts army name given to Indian fans) take over India’s trends frequently.

The vocalist-dancer and actor, Kim Taehyung aka V will turn 25 on 30 December and the fans have been going crazy with excitement over his special day. Armys from China had given V a special birthday gift by featuring a birthday message on the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa and even more unbelievable – they will now be sending a personalized message on the satellite to wish their dear idol on his birthday. Safe to say locals are shocked with the huge scale planning, donations and love that goes into every member’s birthday celebration.

Indian Armys have trended Happy Birthday in Hangul/Korean (along with 11 other hashtags) for BTS member V’s birthday. 30th December started an hour ago in South Korea and the trending page in India are all occupied with trends made to give V alot of love and support. 

BTS Armys from India also went all out in their efforts to prepare a something in honor of the idol’s birthday. the Taehyung Fanbase in India dedicated a beautiful Sand Sculpture built. Along with that, armys from all over the world are donating huge sums for medical care, orphanages, schools, education, female empowerment, etc in honor of V ‘s birthday.

A birthday tribute for V on Burj Khalifa

It is also known that the boys themselves like to donate huge amounts of food or money to institutions that need help or hold a special place in their hearts.

Over the last few months, fans have worked hard enough to secure BTS’s songs number ONE positions on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for the members birthdays.


Twitter has gone over capacity twice today and its predicted that it’ll probably happen again when the clock strikes 12 in South Korea. The other Members of BTS come to twitter to post funny pictures of the birthday boy, V this time, and spend time on their app, V LIVE, talking and replying to fans and accepting wishes.

Armys also like to prepare Birthday layouts on twitter and sometimes even prank the boys with elaborate schemes to use the funniest memes of the BTS boys they can find (and sometimes the international stars themselves participate in these silly traditions.  The celebration will go well into New years and we’ll be seeing music edits, art, projects and other tokens of appreciation from fans for days.

BTS V Birthday


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