Is BTS going to enlist in the military? HYBE Music Briefly Responds To Predictions Of BTS Enlisting Together In 2022

is bts enlisting in the military?

BTS Joining Military in 2021: There is a possibility that BTS will carry out their mandatory military service all together at once. When the South Korean National Assembly’s defence committee passed a bill that would allow famous male popstars to defer their mandatory military enlistment, ARMY thought BTS was in the clear. However, according to the latest buzz, come 2022, the boys may just be on their way to enlisting in the military together.

HYBE releases a statement regarding BTS’ enlistment

On April 21, in an investigative report published by Leading Investment & Securites about HYBE, research analyst Yoo Sung Man wrote, “It is predicted that the BTS members will enlist in the military simultaneously before mid-2022. Considering the effect of the content that will be pre-produced ahead of their enlistments, the actual period of inactivity will be around one year.” Currently, the period of service for active-duty soldiers is one year and six months.

Is BTS going to enlist in the military? HYBE Music Briefly Responds To Predictions Of BTS Enlisting Together In 2022
BTS Team

Last December, the Ministry of National Defense promulgated an amendment to the military service law that makes outstanding individuals working in the popular culture and arts industry eligible to defer their military enlistment. If it is confirmed that BTS is eligible for this law, the oldest member Jin will be able to postpone his enlistment until the end of 2022.

Following reports, a source from Big Hit Music stated to Xportsnews, “We have nothing to tell you besides what the artists have shared.”

We have enough high-tier artists to push content while BTS completes their military service, says HYBE

As the 7-member group has already commenced pre-production of content for an album prior to their enlistment, there will roughly be a one-year absence. The report states that as RM, V, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin and JungKook have already been inducted into the music halls of legends, alongside the likes of Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Beyonce, and others, this absence in the music space may not affect their popularity ratings. The report further goes to state that HYBE has enough high-tier artists to push content while BTS completes their military service.

In addition to SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, TXT, ENHYPEN, and GFRIEND, the acquisition of Ithaca Records means that they also have Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande under their label.

BTS MEAL: Mcdonalds’ collaboration with BTS

The BTS Meal: McDonald’s has announced a new BTS meal, in collaboration with the seven-member K-Pop band. K-Pop sensation BTS is a well-known name in the music industry today. The 7-member band has a raging fan following across the globe. Their latest superhit track includes ‘Dynamite’, which shattered a number of records within a day of its release in 2020. And now, they are planning to launch a brand new meal to take their stardom to the next level. Fast-food giant McDonald’s took everyone by surprise by announcing a collaboration with the Korean stars. The ‘BTS meal’ was announced by the burger joint on Twitter, and fans could not keep calm.

What will the BTS meal include?

McDonald’s Corp.  took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce the upcoming BTS meal, a menu collaboration with the Grammy-nominated boy band. The meal will include a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, which are inspired by the McDonald’s menu in South Korea, a medium-sized Coca-Cola and medium-sized French fries.

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BTS is back with their at-home concert Bang Bang Con, which began streaming on Saturday via their YouTube channel BANGTANTV. The digital gathering is septet’s third concert amid the coronavirus pandemic. ‘Bang Bang Con 21′ kicked off with one of the K-pop band’s earlier concerts, BTS Live Trilogy Episode 1 (Memories of 2015). It will be followed by their fan club event, BTS 5th Muster (Magic Shop) in Busan, and will conclude with their BTS World Tour Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2019. Their multi record setting track ‘Dynamite’ has now earned two Guinness World Records Guinness World Records for its spectacular performance.

BTS hosted a special day-long online concert where they streamed some of their past concerts for fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes! The online concert aired on April 17, Saturday at 11:30 am IST with BTS Live Trilogy Ep 1 BTS Begins (Memories of 2015), followed by BTS’ 5th Muster (Magic Shop in Busan) and finally, BTS World Tour (Speak Yourself Sao Paulo Brazil).

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