Chris Martin Interviewed on Coldplay And BTS Collab: Is Coldplay’s Chris Martin Collaborating with BTS? Fans React!

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In a recent interview with Sean Valentine, Coldplay’s Chris Martin has given us some hint on a certain collaboration with South Korea’s BTS, and fans can’t keep calm.

Recently on MTV, BTS sang a beautiful cover of one of Coldplay’s most famous songs, ‘Fix You‘, and ever since then, rumors of a collaboration between the two world-famous bands has been speculating in the air. In the little snippet of the interview, Sean asked Chris Martin, if he ‘bumped’ into South Korea’s boyband, BTS, when he visited their country, and hinted the question towards a collab. As an answer, Coldplay’s lead vocalist simply pretended that he can no longer hear Sean, and joked about there being a glitch in their connection.

On February 23, BTS took their rightful place amongst legends when they performed a five-song set on MTV Unplugged, home to some of the most impressive performances in music. The show is known for inviting some of the biggest artists of every era to take fans into the essence of their music. Veteran artists Jay-Z, Maxwell, and most famously, n true Unplugged style, the group then surprised everyone with a cover of Coldplay’s classic “Fix You.” A (mostly) surprise for fans, it was a standout moment that further proved BTS’s dexterity. BTS’s rendition of the pop-rock ballad featured gorgeous harmonies between the vocal and rap line members — one of many highlights was leader RM’s deep, breathy vocals complementing Jin’s superb high notes.


Colplay was founded in 1996, and has ever since written many blockbuster hit songs- it’s most famous song being a collaboration in 2017 with The Chainsmokers, ‘Something Just Like This’.

They have just released a new single after almost two years, titled ‘Higher Power’.

Their last album was titled ‘Everyday Life’ and was released in 2019. Despite having been in the music industry for over 20 years, Colplay continue to write hits after hits, and are one of the most loved bands. They have also collaborated with artists such as Beyonce, Big Sean, The Chainsmokers, and Pharell Williams.

BTS Comeback

BTS, Coldplay
BTS’ Butter Comeback

BTS are making another huge comeback this month, with their single titled “Butter“. Just a single (as opposed to a full collection), BTS’s “Butter” is nonetheless one of the most highly anticipated releases of May in any country and of any style. The track has been described as dance-pop and English-language.

After their hit single Dynamite, it seems that Butter is going to break even more records, and ARMYs can’t wait for it.

Chris Martin interview: Are we getting a Coldplay x BTS collaboration?

So far, nothing has been confirmed as to whether these two bands will be serving us a much needed collaboration. However, with the way Chris Martin flat out decided to dodge the question on the collab, fans can’t help but think that there is a high possibility that a collab is indeed on it’s way.

But, their is a catch if that collab is really happening or not because there is a possibility that BTS will carry out their mandatory military service all together at once. When the South Korean National Assembly’s defence committee passed a bill that would allow famous male popstars to defer their mandatory military enlistment, ARMY thought BTS was in the clear. However, according to the latest buzz, come 2022, the boys may just be on their way to enlisting in the military together.

Recently, DYNAMITE hits 1B. The South Korean and Grammy-nominated group has achieved yet another milestone, with the help of ARMY, on their disco-themed music video Dynamite.

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BTS had a legion of fans long before it became the first all-South Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100 with “Dynamite,” or set the world record for attracting the most viewers for a concert live stream during the coronavirus pandemic, or the first band to be #1 on ALL IFPI charts. BTS’ Army captured the attention of international media when it propelled the band to win the fan-voted Top Social Artist, with more than 300 million votes, at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. BTS ended a six-year winning streak in the category by Justin Bieber. At the time, Bieber boasted more than 100 million followers on Twitter, yet army easily beat him and everyone else.

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BTS Collaborations with other Hollywood artists

The South Korean band has collaborated with various artists from hollywood, with some of their most famous collaborations being, ‘Boy With Love’ ft Halsey, ‘Mic Drop’ ft Steve Aoki, ‘Idol’ ft Nicky Minaj, ‘Make it Right’ ft Lauv. They have also collaborated with Charlie XCX, Zara Larrson, Juice Wrld, Sia, MAX, Jason Durelo, Ed Sheeran, Troye Sivan, Becky G, and Lil Nas X.

Will we soon be adding Coldplay to this list? Only time will tell.

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Coldplay x BTS collaboration Fan Reactions

Fans collectively lost their cool the moment the rumours of this certain collaboration started, and with Martin being all secretive about it, ARMYs can’t help but create theories and get excited for this team up.

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