Jungkook’s purple hair: BTS Excites With 1st Group Teaser For “Butter”: Fans go crazy over the members’ new looks

bts releases teaser picture for butter

BTS has unveiled their first teaser photo for “Butter”! On May 10 at midnight KST, BTS released their first group teaser for their highly-anticipated new English-language single, which is set to drop on May 21.


Recently, the K-Pop band, shared a simple concept of with #SMOOTHLIKEBUTTER written on a slab of the yellow butter pack and asking ARMY, ‘Are you smooth like butter?’ by giving a swipe up preorder link.

BTS are making another huge comeback this month, with their single titled “Butter“. Just a single (as opposed to a full collection), BTS’s “Butter” is nonetheless one of the most highly anticipated releases of May in any country and of any style. The track has been described as dance-pop and English-language. After their hit single Dynamite, it seems that Butter is going to break even more records, and ARMYs can’t wait for it.

BTS: BUTTER Release Date

“Butter” is due out on May 21 at 1 p.m. KST. Check out BTS’s concept clips for the upcoming single here, and stay tuned for more teasers!


There’s a lot of information already revealed about Butter that has fans all excited. It’s their second all-English single. It is supposed to have a phrase ‘Smooth Like Butter’ in it. Speculations of a blonde-haired J-Hope and pink-haired RM were also ripe.

However, on May 9, (South Korea’s May 10, 12 AM) Big Hit Music released the first concept teaser of Butter and fans can’t stop gushing about it! All the members look suave with some of them sporting a never-seen-before hair color, whilst looking absolutely stunning! Oozing an air of elegance, every corner, every member looks flawless in their outfits and has taken many fans’ breath away! 


‘Butter’ is basically ARMYs wildest dreams come true. Twitter trends went into chaos as words such as ‘EXCUSE ME’, ‘THE HAIR’, ‘KIM SEOKJIN’, ‘JIMIN JIMIN’, ‘HIS HAIR’, ‘JUNGKOOK’, ‘BLONDE HOBI’ and ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’ started trending – which we completely understand. 

Chris Martin Interviewed on Coldplay And BTS Collab

Recently on MTV, BTS sang a beautiful cover of one of Coldplay’s most famous songs, ‘Fix You‘, and ever since then, rumors of a collaboration between the two world-famous bands has been speculating in the air. In the little snippet of the interview, Sean asked Chris Martin, if he ‘bumped’ into South Korea’s boyband, BTS, when he visited their country, and hinted the question towards a collab. As an answer, Coldplay’s lead vocalist simply pretended that he can no longer hear Sean, and joked about there being a glitch in their connection.

On February 23, BTS took their rightful place amongst legends when they performed a five-song set on MTV Unplugged, home to some of the most impressive performances in music. The show is known for inviting some of the biggest artists of every era to take fans into the essence of their music. Veteran artists Jay-Z, Maxwell, and most famously, n true Unplugged style, the group then surprised everyone with a cover of Coldplay’s classic “Fix You.” A (mostly) surprise for fans, it was a standout moment that further proved BTS’s dexterity. BTS’s rendition of the pop-rock ballad featured gorgeous harmonies between the vocal and rap line members — one of many highlights was leader RM’s deep, breathy vocals complementing Jin’s superb high notes.


McDonald’s has announced a new BTS meal, in collaboration with the seven-member K-Pop band. K-Pop sensation BTS is a well-known name in the music industry today. The 7-member band has a raging fan following across the globe. Their latest superhit track includes ‘Dynamite’, which shattered a number of records within a day of its release in 2020. And now, they are planning to launch a brand new meal to take their stardom to the next level. Fast-food giant McDonald’s took everyone by surprise by announcing a collaboration with the Korean stars. The ‘BTS meal’ was announced by the burger joint on Twitter, and fans could not keep calm.

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What will the BTS meal include?

McDonald’s Corp.  took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce the upcoming BTS meal, a menu collaboration with the Grammy-nominated boy band. The meal will include a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, which are inspired by the McDonald’s menu in South Korea, a medium-sized Coca-Cola and medium-sized French fries.

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